Zoe bell dating

Now, if you read the "I met Harvey Weinstein in Cannes at the Film Festival.

Panicking, in shock, I remember weighing up the options and wondering how much I needed to placate him to keep myself safe.

It wasn't until later in the meal that I asked the name of his production company.""With a dear mutual friend in common I felt safe with Harvey. After dinner our large group, which included my Italian modeling agent, a few rich douchebags, some decorative models, and Harvey's entourage, rolled out into the Cannes night.

Black town cars and gleaming limos took us to various parties where we glittered and shone like everyone else.

She was left devastated after the death of her beloved boyfriend in May.

And Zoe Ball was pictured enjoying an evening out with her rumoured new businessman beau on Thursday - in what is believed to be her first romance since her late partner Billy Yates died seven months ago.


  1. Harvey Weinstein's list of victims only seems to be growing. Following the explosive New York Times exposé which detailed the indie movie mogul's decades.

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