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Wsus not updating a workstation aramex updating shipment status

This also involves less work in mainatining the image as any work only needs to be done once and not x-times per different type of hardware.

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If you can get large-capacity SSDs instead of traditional rotational drives, do it, but don’t sacrifice space for speed.If you’re lazy like me, you can use an unattend file to answer all of those pesky setup questions.This site, the Windows Answer File Generator, has a GREAT web UI for creating files that WORK. Sysprep will quit if it is run on a domain-joined PC.This is offered by Microsoft System Center (SCCM) along with the Deployment Toolkit (MDT).Many shops do not operate that way, and have some level of interaction required during the imaging process.BIOS, or else all of the drive’s space will not be recognized by the firmware, and Windows.Working from USB storage might fly, but the throughput won’t match that of internal storage, and you’ll have a bottleneck.That’ll assure the image will fit everywhere you intend to deploy it. I’ve used both and have noticed no speed differential.Now, it is easy to see how fast space will go on your drives. Install Windows onto the VM with all of the default settings.All of the stuff I know the end users will not touch.Before getting into the nitty-gritty of configuration, completely update Windows through Microsoft Update.


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