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Why online christian dating is wrong Chat for sex

(Listen to what John Piper has to say about online dating by clicking here.) #2: Don’t Use Online Dating If You Lack Discretion While online dating is not a sin, there are many dangers to online dating for Christian singles.Social media is so tempting to misuse because it is so easy to portray ourselves however we want.If you know you have a history of picking guys who are handsome over honoring, rich over respectful, or charismatic over Christ-centered, then you need to be very careful online dating.If you are a guy who instantly maxes out the credit cards when a pretty girl gives you attention, again, you need to be extra cautious when mingling online. If you lack discretion, if you are not known for your discernment, or if you are easily wowed by surface information, then online dating might not be for you.God commands Christians to marry other Christians (1 Corinthians , 2 Corinthians ).As long as this is your goal, there is nothing wrong with using online dating.Learn what God wants you to learn through each date.#6: Don’t Forget the True Goal of Dating/Online Dating The most important goal of dating is to figure out if this person is your future spouse.

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You’ll have to walk with God on deciding how long you should date someone before you marry him or her.

It’s just more practical to become friends with someone through common interests, environments, or community groups. My point is that if you are nineteen, you probably don’t need to online date. If, for example, however, you are passed your twenties and you haven’t been on a date in years but you want to be married, it’s time to try something different. If you are a bit older but still have plenty of great dating options because of your church, your community, or your very “thoughtful” friends, then you probably don’t need to online date. The Bible does not condemn things like online dating.

But if these traditional means are not working, it might be time to give online dating a chance. If you don’t feel God is leading you to online date, then don’t. In short, if what you’ve been doing is not working and you want to find a Christian spouse, give online dating a chance. But at least you won’t have to wonder if you’ve done all you can do. God is still sovereign over your relational life no matter what course you take to meet your spouse.

If done right, the dating process (including online dating) should enhance your ability to walk with God and follow his leading.

So don’t view each dating relationship as pass or fail depending on if you marry that person or not.


  1. Oct 16, 2015. The Pros and Cons of Online Dating from a Christian Girl's Perspective. By Bethany Baird. With technology continually on the rise and dating sites becoming much more of the norm, I think we should do ourselves a favor and dig into the topic of online dating.

  2. Mar 25, 2013. For Christian singles who are looking to meet a potential mate online, here are some tips for online dating that may be of some help to you. It is the next goal in their lives. However, for every good, godly guy online, there is a bad one. This brings us to the biggest con of online anything The bad guys lie.

  3. May 29, 2013. Online dating is one of those subjects that Christians enjoy debating. Boundless has even joined forces with online dating service to help connect marriage-minded Christian singles and provide them with Bible-based relationship. It's OK if the initial meeting is a bit awkward at first.

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