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Who is the rock dating 2016 beetwo dating

Cher said: ‘He might spend the night with other women, I also have a very masculine attitude to dating, but Gene is the one I’m crazy about.’ They split amicably after he fell for Diana Ross.At the time he was an unknown actor who’d just landed a part in the Tom Cruise blockbuster Top Gun.Their daughter Chastity, who underwent a sex change and is now known as ‘Chaz’, was born in 1969.It was only after her divorce that Cher realised all the money she earned had been pocketed by Sonny, and she was penniless.They are thought to have met at a White House fundraiser and dated until their filming schedules forced them apart.

He auditioned as guitarist and got the job — and the girl.

It was Donen who advised her to take the lead role in a low budget movie called Mask which won her a Golden Globe nomination.

They met on Cher’s 40th birthday party when she was out celebrating with friends.

CLAUDIA CONNELL looks back at all the other men in her eventful love life ...

Sixteen years old and having just left home, Cher met a 25-year-old Warren Beatty, already an established movie star, in a nightclub.


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