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Who is kobe bryant wife dating

So Vanessa stands to walk away from her marriage with Kobe toting a million dollar paycheck plus 3 multimillion dollar homes, one of which was a gift to her mother. Just because they divorce doesn’t mean they can’t be boyfriend and girlfriend right? So how did Vanessa Bryant, the former Vanessa Laine, get it this good?There’s one main reason Vanessa is in this situation.She has been seen by Kobe’s side, has amassed a large following on social media, and at one point was even rumored to be joining the Vanessa later clarified that the rings weren’t the ones given to Kobe, but instead a duplicate set he had made for her.“For those that think this is Kobe’s set of rings: This is a set of Championship rings my husband gifted to me,” she wrote. Obviously, this is NOT HIS SET OF CHAMPIONSHIP RINGS…..???????? #OBVI.” Kobe and Vanessa met and started dating while she was still in high school, and married in 2001. The couple had their first child, a daughter named Natalia Diamante Bryant, in 2003.According to the Guttmacher Institute,the research arm of Planned Parenthood, Black and Hispanic women still have the highest teen pregnancy rates despite a 48% decrease in the rate between 19, more than the overall U. teen pregnancy rate declined during the same period.

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You see Kobe was 21 years old at the time he starting courting the future Mrs.

“When the show ends and the music stops, the journey is made beautiful by having that someone to share it with. ” Now, as Kobe Bryant ends his 20-year career with his final NBA game on Wednesday night, Vanessa Bryant is once again in the spotlight and will certainly garner plenty of screen time not only during the game but in the days — and interviews — to follow.

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The charge of rape against Kobe was dropped because the accuser refused to testify, a civil case was later filed which was settled out of court for an undisclosed sum of money and a public apology to the alleged victim–sans any admittance of guilt–from Kobe.

Standing by her man in the midst and the wake of the media firestorm that surrounded Kobe earned Vanessa ‘gift’–a ring–that reportedly cost million dollars. Bryant was spotted courtside at the Lakers game wearing red, watching Kobe, who is still legally her husband play.


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