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Who is karyn white dating

When I’m on stage singing that song I can’t help but think, "God, this is a testimony." I really try to share that because I want to empower women.

I just see a lot of us buying into this whole, “I can do what a man does.”ESSENCE.com: How did your divorce from producer Terry Lewis in 1999 change your life? My mother was dying at the same time and I was going through a transition with my record company.

Their daughter has a very close relationship with both of them and what became obvious to us during Karyn’s interview with I LOVE OLD SCHOOL MUSIC, is that NO topic is off limits with Karyn and her daughter. *SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO* We were in the middle of Karyn's interview where she told us all about her past relationships w Ith much younger men (if you missed that, click here), and then her 23 year old daughter, Ashley, who was watching from the sidelines, eventually stepped into the camera and that's when it got even more interesting.

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ESSENCE.com: Do people still come up to you on the street sing “Superwoman”?While I was a recording artist I felt I wasn’t I doing a great job at being a mother… ESSENCE.com: Did you ever have any regrets from walking away from the industry?WHITE: A lot of recording artists put their identities in their music or in a hit record and if they’re not so-called "hot" anymore, they become hermits. I really felt like, "Okay, I was successful at that and I did that, but now I’m doing this." I never had regrets or a "woe is me" attitude. Not really even me stepping back, but I believe the Lord pulled me out.Check out Karyn and her daughter's interview clip below...Rihanna celebrated her entrance to the dirty thirties on Tuesday night with a black tie dinner at a New York restaurant.Karyn “Superwoman” White didn’t hold anything back.Y’all have to see her get raw and brutally honest below…I started to do that and the market was appreciating annually at a high rate and I was at the right place at the right time.I could be present as a mother to my daughter Ashley, who is now 18.Of course her boyfriend Hassan Jameel was in the building, but Ri Ri was joined ?READ MORE Last weekend, Jill Scott sent fans into a social media frenzy when she posted a video of herself drunk and disheveled.


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