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Updating xml clob in oracle

thread ID=399742&tstart=0):“We had to parse the XML into a DOM to perform the update, perform the update using the DOM API methods and then reserialize the DOM into text after the update was complete.We only preserve whitespace during parsing when the XML is schema based and the element is defined as mixed=”true” in the XML Schema, or in the case xml:space=”preserve” (Both of these cases require patches to work as expected).The smallest XML document in this table is 1584 bytes and the biggest XML document in this table is 1138638 bytes.

WRITE(lob_loc, LENGTH(p_document), 1, p_document); END; / CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE PRC_RD_CLOB ( p_id IN NUMBER, p_clob OUT VARCHAR2) IS BEGIN SELECT CLOBHOLDERDDOC INTO p_clob FROM TBL_CLOBHOLDERDDOC WHERE CLOBHOLDERDDOCID = p_id; END; / Just wanted to update for anyone using newer releases of Oracle and have stumbled across this (like I did), you no longer have to use dbms_lob.write to write to CLOBs.

The original total size of these documents on disks is 437.796 Kb (when shown in Windows explorer).

When checking on the sizes of these (re-rendered) text documents in the mentioned table, the sum total size is 450136538 bytes.

XMLType CLOB storage stores unstructured data “as is”.

I needed to create anonymous data, for instance regarding the update hgo.hgo010_detam t set t.gegevens=update XML (t.gegevens,'/wwb: WW-HISTORIE/R801FINR/R801-NUM-FIS/text()' ,'Marco','xmlns:wwb=" where hgo_id=18383; 1 row updated.


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