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Updating status on facebook

Without daily status updates, your Facebook page has little chance to build an engaged and interested fan base.

Those fans are the ones who help open up your business to new markets, creating new leads and more sales.

By using auto Facebook status updates that you prepare ahead of time, you will save time to work on other areas of your marketing or business.

Create multiple status updates all at once and then schedule them to post to your company Facebook page over time.

Next, schedule your post for when you want it to appear on your newsfeed and then if you want any recurring posting for this individual post.

We recommend not repeating the same post a lot, otherwise your newsfeed looks bad.

Label your post for each organization, then click edit to add content to the post.

Once in edit mode, you can create a simple post or an advanced post.

Colored status backgrounds are rolling out globally over the next few days.

Several of the color options offer an Instagram logo-style color gradient, which make them more stylish and modern than boring flat colors.

Sent to Tech Crunch by reader Hoan Do over the weekend, Facebook confirms this feature is in testing.

It appears that it’s only testing in certain regions abroad, not in the US.

Users without access to the test don’t see the colors if they look at the post, but that would likely change to everyone being able to see the colors if Facebook rolls it out more widely.


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