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Updating firmware pioneer 107d

Firmware said to them: "The Tao lies beyond Yin and Yang. It does not seek fame, therefore nobody knows its presence.

It does not seek fortune, for it is complete within itself.

Several times a month, we will send you news about firmware, DVD/CD media, and other productsa.

You can remove yourself from this news email list at any time. We never release your email address to other companies. -- Newer firmware for your drive means it can burn more brands of DVD-R, DVD R or CD-R discs, more accurately, and usually faster.

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Basically, from real DOS, use the command: mtkflash X w /b 516Where X is a number from 1 to 4: 1 - Primary Master, 2 - Primary Slave, 3 - Secondary Master, 4 - Secondary Slave DVRFlash v2.0 by Agent Smith Pioneer DVR universal firmware flasher.o If you have trouble using upg4to flash the 1040A, try pick the more recent upg5from other firmwares (like the DVD-115 or DVD-116). : o Unless you already know it, there is no easy way to tell wether you have a 1640 Pro or a 1640 Pro-A drive.An old man I once met in the forest spoke about some sticker (possibly red or with an "A" on it) at the bottom of the drive, indicating if you have a Pro-A. o What is certain however is that: - Aopen DVD-1640 Pro originally have firmware rev. - Aopen DVD-1640 Pro-A originally have firmware rev. Thus, according to the firmware revision that the drive reports (with the Pioneer DVD Utilities for instance), you can be pretty confident in telling which drive you have.o DVD drive will be detected as Pioneer after applying patch.: The 105R, 106R, 115R, 116R and 117R are Pioneer OEM drives included in Sony VAIO computers and YES! Alternatively, you can use the DVD-116R v1.21 RPC-1 firmware with the 116R, in case your are not able to use the 116 firmware.Hope you enjoyed the 3&½ years I was around, but now it's time for somebody else to rise up to the challenge ;) If you are looking for updated firmwares, may I suggest you have a look at the forum or The Dangerous Brothers' page?But before I'm completely gone, here's one last update for old times sake: o Pioneer DVR-107 & 107XL v1.21 RPC-1, 12x Rip, nx4all o Pioneer DVR-108 & 108XL v1.18 RPC-1, 12x Rip, nx4all See you in another virtual universe! Well, I might be the only one, but I am happy to announce my retirement from ALL firmware activities and the rpc1community on 20.FINALLY, the price of XL BD-RE media dropped to the point of making it economically feasible to do system backups via optical platter (Sony 100 GB disks in the range shipped direct from Japan). So, 1 hour searching the Pioneer USA web site for newer firmware (my drive is still at factory default FW 1.10 level) followed by a call to Pioneer tech support (took the better part of a half hour on hold in the phone queue) reveals there is NO later FW release for this drive, the ONLY BD-RE XL media they certify the drive for use with is Panasonic (currently 0-200/platter). If Sony certifies the media is BDXL compliant, why in )(*& doesn't the drive at least 'try' to execute read/write maneuvers with it???In about 30-seconds or so, you will receive our email with download links from our firmware updates database server.As usual there's more info about that in the forum but I just thought non forum users would want to know about this too. Didn't I update my page with the 108 and 108XL patched firmwares? Hey, have I just not seen that black cat cross the room already?Oh well, if you had a look at the forum (like all wise people should do ;)) you probably picked 'em up already. : o DVD drive will be detected as Pioneer after applying patch.


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  2. Pioneer 107D Firmware Update - Power Calabiration Error, General Hardware. Have you tried updating your enclosure's firmware? Maybe there's a bug in it.

  3. Pioneer dvd rw dvr 115d firmware uninstalled; HELP Pioneer A04 firmware update to 2.0? Updating Pioneer DVR-107D firmware upgrade; Can't find your answer ? Ask !

  4. Download Latest Official Firmware Updates. Pioneer DVR-107D Win Pioneer DVR-A07U. Why Is Updating Burner Firmware Important?

  5. My DVR-107D will only write to DVDs at 4x speed rather than the 8x it is rated for. The media I've tried two brands is rated at 16X. I'm upgrading a recently.

  6. Hi, I've tried four different Pioneer 107D Superdrives. none of them work. They're not Apple OEM but these should work with the Powermac. It's not the cables.

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