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He is strong and chokes her out, but she fights long and hard, tongue sticking way out, shuddering and vibrating as she twitches till her death stare is blank and she is no longer moving.After she is dead and still, he lifts her up to stretch her out, lifts her head up by her hair.She starts to seduce him as he explains he will kill her and make it look just like a home invasion, and they can be together at last.She explains that she has loved him and now they can make love.The man does not reply and she gets more and more desperate asking him to please, “Fuck me, you can fuck me however you like”.

Then she looks straight at him and starts to take off her short white button down shirt tied in front.

He does her from behind, lifting her head by the hair and pulling her head up while he pumps her.

He pulls her to the top of the couch to give her more from behind as he pulls her head up by the hair.

He is infuriated staring through the crack in the door, and slowly moves towards her, grabbing her discarded stockings, and wrapping them in his hands, gripping firm.

He bends down as she is finishing her call and whispers in her ear, “I would have done anything for you Grace.” He quickly wraps one leg of the stockings around her neck and pulls hard.


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