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Notably, 42 oot o 68 asset management companies an 8 oot o 11 futurs companies hae thair heid offices in Yeouido.

Thir include Mirae Asset Group, Korea Life Insurance, KDB, Korea Investment Holdings an mony mair.

postponed Its water rights requests at Niagara Springs on technical grounds Thursday, ...angering pro- Icster Bob Burks. He sftid many of the 70 people In the audience at a Department of ' Water Resources heorlng here came out to support his opposition to the filings. "1 worked my butt off trying to get people aroused. "We’re withdrawing from con- slriprnltnn Intlnv because DWR in-' dlcated once U (the filings) go Inlo the permit stage, -they can't be restored to appeal status.” Rlngert,--*— slate senator from . m'a’Tldn t^iew^ sald'ibe^iuted'Sbdes'U for ■ trouble” "by stepping igi itts presence in the gull. Sts ^ tko nooirtas OD his offin Thursday even- hostilities arc' imfeincnl. The INS had to ndllacs mqg btoh Ce Cs explainiiig the new law this month, but 1 dte /rf Fi i’ fj Pc mrar o Bicede tbot the material will not rm i »c C(^ praif imtit mld-Juoe at the earljcst. D-Md., said, ;i f Bn ng nkrti the INS public Informa Unn program t affated “b ut e auci a Oc bumbling, continual chaos ns ad gma es instead of action.” The Associated Press WASHINGTON — -Former U. North y/as working for the National Security Council . hl Sdi Buperlors." Tambs, wld In Iran-Contra- h£Smgs atoit he followed orders from me Marme lieutenant colone L Tambs 'also sold be was asked hy North to help private dlc Bls ! Tammy 52^^ bad oer aa- Faye.-on-ABC’s-“Ni^Uioe’’-tfaat-tf-. ,^., ^ Falwcll would not lel him leluia to "save" the PTL empire, he : Fahne B ai the ce cg to start a new ministiy in California.

leader By MARKPRATTER' TImes-News writer GOODING - Rim View Trout Co. Rim View wants 295.3 cubic feet per • second at Niagara Springs. 1 don’t think it is fair to the public to allow them to extend,” said Burks, a former dairy farmer from Wendell. said during a recess at the Gooding Grange hearing that the reason for the postponement was technical. Weinberger and national security No aid from NATO — adviser Frank Car Uicd lo Piji Knl S closed briefing with key Iran's ambassador lo the J U n he d Said Rajaie-Khorassani. Tambs ■ tesilfied Thursday that' In 1985, while -U. aid lo Nicaraguan Contra rebels was banned, While House aide Oliver L.’ North ordered him to use his post In Costa Rica to help the rebels open a military front In Nlcaragua.*- "Mr. Bo^gnez loild Ihe House-Senate bearings that he hrske with the clandestine resnpply cipera- tion for the rd)ds--^ nm iy Ittmlh — after becoming dlsgnsted with over- charges, brib^ and deliveries f»i R.7fnn gihtinntgaw Tm TTuc Tania& legality of*nis instructions,, which Oiw^HTiti u nwiii' iw iia*-* fcfti the came from a small, interagency j it i pr rf T p iri' gf ri Ti»iii ~fi Tir •-See HEARING 00 Page A2 - •'The Assoclatifd Press - . tad Kitg to M viewns at the Bakkcr said Wednesday in an ^ ^ Oe uuiaam that the pcarance with bis wife.

The Naitional Assembly Biggin is locatit in Yeouido-dong.

Ither organisations, sic as the Financial Union o Korea are based in Yeongdeungpo an aw.

■ YOU WONT WANT TO MISS A IXTH E FUN ^ and real down home Excarr Ean ENT »AY 26-3] EVENXS • ANTIQUE WAGONS (Wed4hru Sun) • BISBEE PICTURE DISPLAY (Wed thru Sun) • OPTi^ST CLUB BIKE SAFTEY PROCSAU (Wed) y PETTING ZOO (Thur thru Sat) /• CAMPFIRE BREAKFAST (Sa O ■^(BUTTREYS AND THE BLUE LAKES MERCHANTS) ■ BAND COMPETITION. Canfa Grimm, W«nd«0,sfsnirytng that Grimm U ■ memfaer of too Mtomgw'o Ckto.

"We have already picked about a 25-person board of tbe greatest leaders in this counliy that we HAPPY 50TH Ilt XMr2 "TT’S^W71g STK121V DAYS1AT THE BLUB LAKES MALL!

It nou haes several decommissioned aircraft on display.Korea Exchange wis oreeginally locatit in Yeouido, but it muivit ae Busan in 2009.Korea Financial Investment Association is still based in Yeouido. supporters of fi p H pj Tmrrfft cfria y o Tgued that the INS post- «n, Tt Jw gao Bnes S Was not enough. ' like to have my minisliy back if the people want us back." Bauer said. I dream of building ano t h e r city, maybe in Califomia. Csw week, on the same day of the pc Etashig Senate debate, bowever. and ob- viously my assumption was that any instruction he gave me come from . ' C3 mil lim 1^ "I believe in miracles and 1 wcaild bonnmsaadrfberbeaeas. The emblem, foond at maist offeecial biggins, depicts the snawy heron soarin intae the sky.Dongjak is hame tae some KOSPI200 companies, includin Nongshim, Honam Petrochemical, an Yuhan.Ither notable companies based in Yeongdeungpo include Lotte Confectionery, Hanjin Shipping, an Keoyang Shipping are heidquairtered in Yeouido-dong in Yeongdeungpo Destrict.The Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) New Wing Open Hall is locatit in Yeouido-dong. to the withdrawal and agreed to i Rlm View owner Earl Hardy's request for a postponement. To dampen these concerns, the administration sent Defense Sccre Ury Caspar W. opiesed Ins cwwerns to North The former ambassador said that abuuil cuiipli Ba a Oe fciipply Abrams, tbe late CIA Dzreclar epexatioa. Casey and fo r m Ci Na- Neath deaied Ifee incgrliwir. Security Adviser Jofan goess 1 was wartag nqr tiae fbete Poindexter all discussed Ure aizsbr^ asd I Id.** Bodhi^ex said of his with him. and some members of the Be said he Ir fl a * took his committees, expressed irritatinn to twrow Gzxgg, aa.-aade to Vice that the ambassador's sopesiors aq- FRridezd Gearj^Bas^^eaisosaid peared to have abandoned him after' he bad z Drt w 2 h Bash smic^ 6 nn^ the resupply efforts became public: hot a erer nosed Che w rf i j wf of the “1 do feel that the field ot Bcos cpentie BS w2h ofm Gulf Mut F- was ready to escort and protect them — a process that could lake ■ ■ scvcral JKccks . there Was no financial crisis win be wndd like to bate mr ae- controlled PTL. it being talked ahead fsm wbala Br^nesshaoidbeaad- going into bankruptcy? lifetime building and;to hanar the amear co -Lartv Kbh live" oa‘ commitment to w wonderfrf part- Xet TOk S Thnesdre ^ xu^d. the area and one of the stops was Niagara Spr- stakes as Burks sees them arc now of . J)ad.rai$cd.concerns Jn_Cpn6ress_ that U could draw the United Stales Into the Iran-Iraq war. ■*'back.:page,*’-Paiw( 5 U saldtihurjb- sffld what 1 yesterday ; ■ dayonlhe'.“PTLCIub”program. hcoadca Bt -airil R— siipportiog-Ue-Nicarag Baa-h M tog s .-«d-tha*-m JMe CT 8 he rebels. White House ond State Department have studied how best to provide . The options include the possibility of usiog-jc L fighters to provldc air- cover — possibly with logistics sup- port at land bases in such counirics as Kuwait or Saudi Arabia — or in- creasing the size or changing the composition of the Midcast Task Forcer- But Pentagon officials -say the plan is likely (o includc a combina- tion of options.- And Shultz said Thursday that - (he United States may ask Saudi Arabia to provide air- fields for the U. “We’ve got to do more work on 4h C| military side, but we've also to do' more explaining to Congress.”— said a source. Aal -"1 would come back today to save we Yewi Omgtos Cieittolhat." the mmisl^ ;ifal wr sfiba a Tue Batestaatc c d toh M a. Jnnei Ward, &M8M0W ★** "Manny'i Orphana" ll:30CTM0) ** "Slowaway In The (1080.


  1. Unto the woman, which was the next instrument of this tin, God said, I will greatly incrca;^ those sorrows, which are pro- per to thy sex, and those especially, which. \o And /tbimelech said wito Abraham^ IV hat tawest thou, thai thou hiist done this thing / Wttflt motive didtit tliou raise unto thyself, from any lightness in tne.

  2. Yeouido Dong is hame tae DLI 63 Building, the heichest office biggin in Sooth Korea an currently the 3rd tawest biggin in the kintra. The Naitional Assembly Biggin is locatit in Yeouido-dong. Ither organisations, sic as the Financial Union o Korea are based in Yeongdeungpo an aw. Thare are mass-media corporations in the.

  3. The design of the comedy altogether is to point out to the married part of the female sex, how much unhappiness they frequently create to themselves, by neglecting, after marriage, to make use of the same arts, the. The face of the shore offecs to the view a wall of massive stone; ten times higher than our taWest.steeples.

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  5. May 29, 1987. teOg^n, national origin, sSSrstliioini. cnar^ status, sex.aridi'ctrbana^^ ST. ANTHONY AP — The Idaho. Patients al clinics thaXJrcat sex- ually transmiltcddiscascs. Reagan was present at the disc^- sion. ON MOVE * "Eyes or A SbwaY- lOat, Srapenae Lauren Tawest. Timos-Nen. Twin Falla, Idalto^.

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