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Ssis updating data

- The People of the source table only use it to read (I have not update anything).

- The People of the destination table can not be deleted and refilled as its primary key is foreign key in other tables of the model. Thank you very much for your help from Argentina - the world's ass jeje -Hi Sebastian, Do you want to apply rules on tables (such as people on destination table cannot be deleted) ? for applying rules you can write Constraints and use Triggers on that table and fields in the database.

So we use same script as step 1 for this one as well. 3- Right click on OLE DB Source, choose Show Advanced Editor.Actions that I make and assumptions: - In the target table, I place all persons in the origin and still not in the destination.- In the target table, I need to update all those that have been modified at the origin.In the Advanced Editor window go to Input and Output Properties tab.Select the OLE DB Source Output, and change the Is Sorted Property to true.9- Add an OLE DB Destination and connect NEW RECORDS output to it.Set configuration for destination table and use columns with Source prefix in the column mapping of the OLE DB destination.We use this component to find only records that had a change in one of the values.So we compare equivalent source and destination columns to find non-match data.I don't recommend using Sort Transformation because it first load all records in memory and then start sorting them which cause performance issues and blocking.The best way is always sorting with order by clauses in source t-sql commands.


  1. Jul 29, 2008. Updating a Table with SSIS. SQlisto2 months ago. Hola les dejo el link https// de mi canal de SQL Server BI SSIS SSRS SSAS, optimizacion Saludos. Read more. Show less. Data Warehouse tutorial. Creating an ETL.

  2. Sep 10, 2009. I see a lot of questions on the forums about updating existing data in SSIS. When the update is dynamic and is based on elements within your data flow, a common mistake is to use the Ole DB Command within the data flow pane figure1. The above poorly designed update has us retrieving data from some.

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