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Speed dating joseph elmore

” Both Too Cool and Dog suspect Beaver’s homosexuality and pester him in various scenes, but he strongly denies being gay (but questions himself).His sexuality is tested in two scenes: the gay club and the house party.

She claims to be his girlfriend, but Too Cool denies any relationship and claims she is only a sex partner and forcefully removes her from his house.

The ensuing scene shows both he and Sage tousling on a bed with joy.

Like the Latina, she is rough in the bedroom, but it’s a different kind of roughness that reduces Dog’s joy into a loud and funny scream when realizing they both share the same external organ.

Not only is this character a paradox, but he is not funny; his acting is also horrendously bad.

In no time, week one of the speed-dating scam arrives and the three friends admire the dozens of women with drooling smiles – and converse about their prior scams to sleep with women.


  1. Directed by Joseph A. Elmore Jr. Produced by La Monde Byrd Mekita Faiye Screenplay by. Speed-Dating is a 2010 film written and directed by Joseph A. Elmore Jr.

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