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Soulmates adventures online dating

I’m not necessarily looking for another serious relationship – I’m probably not ready for that – but I’m not averse to meeting new people and, as my good friend The Duchess pointed out, “It doesn’t hurt to be wined and dined”.

At the very least, I was hoping to maybe make some new friends.

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I’m not altogether sure what possessed me to go back on my old online dating site (the virtual world where M and I met), but somehow it seemed a good idea one recent Saturday evening.

So back I ventured; once more unto the proverbial breach.

Many, many obese and overweight men: Yes I know, it’s shallow. ) You may be coming to the same conclusion as me, in that I am just incredibly unlucky when it comes to romance. One thing I’m definitely not going to do is over-analyse, because nothing that men do or say makes sense to me anymore.

But as a dancer, I come from a world where slim is beautiful and fat is the enemy. The day of the date dawned and I headed into town to meet him. Deep down I knew he wouldn’t, as I hadn’t heard from him for a couple of days beforehand and he just stopped replying to my messages (which was weird, considering the last message I had from him said how much he was looking forward to meeting me and that he was already planning our second date. Maybe I’m better off by myself (I’m certainly OK on my own). So there we have it – my second foray into online dating.

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The following is an account of my encounters so far.

I hope you find them amusing/commiserate with me (delete as appropriate). I re-set my settings shortly afterwards to “men aged 29-39 only”.

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