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A pro baseball player who is forced to retire due to injury, he finds himself back in Salem, hoping to rekindle his relationship with Sonny. But that’s not the end of Paul’s story, as the truth about his Salem heritage will forever change his life.

At the same time, he’s interviewed by Ace Reporter Will, and decides to come out publicly, aided and eventually … SOAP: Kyle Lewis started out as a shady lab tech not above using a little blackmail to fill his pockets, but seeing college sweetheart Oliver Fish helped him turn over a new leaf, and one kiss helped Oliver see the light, too … Realizing he was destined to be with Oliver, Kyle calls off his rush wedding to Nick, and confesses his love for Oliver, in a scene of classic soapy goodness.

Soap operas are full of so much drama, romance, lying and heartbreak, it's hard to keep track of who's loving who.

We never saw Neil again, but his spirit surely still haunts that tunnel, waiting for the next repressed Salemite to enter. Several casting directors responded, offering bit parts and eventually the role on the popular daytime soap opera.” Lee died of AIDS in 1996, and his character died off screen, mourned by Port Charles.

A short time after they met, Blair faked a pregnancy, which actually turned out to be real, after learning of Todd's substantial inheritance.

Since then, they married twice in 1995, and later, three more times.

SOAP: Phillip came back from the dead after 20 years with a shocker. SOAP: The first regular gay teen character on a daytime drama, high school senior Billy moved to Llanview in the summer of 1992, and his storyline was frontbunner for most of the next few months, as he struggled to come out to his parents while battling false rumors of a sexual relationship with pastor Andrew Carpenter.

Billy left for college the next summer, and the last we heard he was bartending at famous dance clubs.


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