Shiduch dating

It is important to stress, however, that not all patterns of friendships in someone’s life should be replicated in a marriage.

In fact, there are many who struggle mightily in their adolescent and post-adolescent friendships.

On its face, the system appears to be very efficient and effective.

Multiple levels of checking are completed before the couple even meets.

Intellectual compatibility is another area that is often discussed.

Those who are dating should be encouraged to seek out a mentor who understands these dynamics.

Another extremely important area of exploration that is often insufficiently addressed is character.

For those in a community in which non-marriage relationships with the opposite gender are not common, this might seem particularly challenging.

However, emotional compatibility is not limited to the marriage relationship; it is encountered through the many relationships one has as a child, teenager and young adult.


  1. Sep 13, 2012. Although marital discord can be attributed to lack of preparation, insufficient effort, or inappropriate expectations, marriages often fail because the couple is simply not a match. While the dating approach in most segments of the frum community is intended to ensure a thorough assessment of suitability.

  2. There are a lot of questions surrounding shidduchim, the process of Jewish matchmaking. Click here to read questions & answers on SawYouAtSinai!

  3. It's your decision to utilize KYS as a dating website, or as a useful tool to connect to shadchanim, or both. Chazel teach us that finding one's soul mate is comparable to splitting the sea. Finding one's shidduch is truly miraculous. It is KYS's hope that our site will assist singles in their meaningful quest. KYS invites all singles.

  4. Jul 29, 2015. After only just debuting July 15, founder Ari Ackerman claims Tribe is already the “most advanced app in the Jewish dating world.” Unlike its counterparts like JSwipe, Coffee Meets Bagel and Tinder, Tribe's premise focuses on making sure its users, who can range anywhere from ages 18-60, actually go out.

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