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A Livermore resident's home surveillance camera captured the scene when a driver delivering a package from Amazon pulled into the driveway and chucked the box out the car window then drove off.

TG Tiny Gangster The Order This is used by the Aryan Brotherhood and is another term for AB.

Member Of Blood Monetary Gangs A gang that is based on the acquiring of financial gain.

It is the color that Northern California Hispanic gang members identify with.

Flying the Colors Displaying or showing your gang colors Foot Soldier Gang hierarchy describing the lowest official rank in the gang organization Fried When a cell phone is confiscated during a search Folk Nation A large gang which identifies with the 6 point star, the color blue, and pitchforks Folks Same as the Folk Nation FTL Fuck The Law FTP Fuck The Police FTW Fuck The World – G – “G” Gangster G-ster Gangster Gang Banger A gang member Gang Banging Involved in gang activity Gangstered Term used as a slight to an gang, often used by “People Nation” gang members to mean that something was stolen or robbed from someone Gas Slang referring to Marijuana Get Up With You Expression meaning ” when I see you again” GF Guerro Familia – the Warrior Family Girl Scout Cookies Higher Grade of Weed Glazed Doughnut Vice Lords term to “put down” Gangster Disciples Grand Dragon A high ranking official in the Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard A high ranking official in the Ku Klux Klan – H – HA Hells Angels Hand Signs A hand gesture used to identify your gang HH Heil Hitler High Priest A high ranking male Occult leader Hooks Term used by “Folk Nation” members to derogatorily refer to “People Nation” members particularly the Vice Lords Hybrid Gang A gang that does not fall within traditional guide lines for street gang – I – ICM International Crip Mafia International Crip Mafia The uniting of all Crip gangs under one organization. – J – Jack Another name for gang member Jeeps Riding Law Enforcement nearby in an SUV Jump In Where two or more gang members fight or beat up a prospective member. 1% of Motorcycle riders are gang members Opps Opposition – referring to a rival and/or law enforcement Original Gangster A gang member who is usually 20 to 25 years old OTF Only The Family OTF On The Five OTK Out To Kill – P – Pagan They practice witchcraft and magic. They identify with leaning or posturing towards the left, the color red, straight rabbit ears, 5 pointed stars and pitchforks in the down position. People Nation See “People” Piru The original name of the Bloods.

Angels Forever, Forever Angels AB Aryan Brotherhood ABK Any Body Killa ADIDAS All Day I Destroy A Slob AFNF All Family No Friends Amor de Rey Love of/to the King Aryan Brotherhood White Supremacy, a White California Prison Gang – B – Baby Gangster A young member about 9 to 12 years old B. EME Mexican Mafia ENE Nuestra Familia – F – Familia Nuestra Familia FFF Satan FFFF Friends Forever Forever Friends Five Point Star A symbol of the People Nation Fish A new Correctional Officer or Inmate Five High Six Die Term used by Vice Lords to show disrespect to Disciples Flaggin’ Showing you the gang’s flag colors handsigns, etc. – O – OFFO Outlaws Forever, Forever Outlaws OG Original Gangster One Percenters Used to represent Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs.


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