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Rowupdating change

Click here for more information on how to get started using this API.For details on how to reference the required scripts and themes for the ig Grid control read, Using Java Script Resources in Ignite UI and Styling and Theming Ignite UI.If Not strline Is Nothing Then If SQL = "" Then SQL = "SELECT tb_entity.Entry, (SELECT avg(rating) FROM tb_comments WHERE " _ & "tb_comments.entry=tb_entity.id) as Rating, tb_kind. Info " _ & "FROM tb_entity INNER JOIN tb_hijack ON tb_= tb_hijack. Kind = tb_" _ & "WHERE tb_entity.entry='" & strline.Replace("'", "''") & "'" Else SQL = SQL & " OR tb_entity.entry='" & strline.

i've already used find control and it's not finding it.I am a little confused as to why you are programmatically querying and updating data when you are obviously using an Sql Data Source.Why not just let the Sql Data Source handle the update?If you run the code above, and check one of the checkboxes, you will see that the code recognizes that the checkbox is now checked. When a client begins a transaction in classic My SQL, all subsequent commands (on that connection) are part of that transaction until the client commits or rolls back the transaction.//Initialize $("#grid")Grid(); //Get var column Settings = $("#grid")Grid Updating("option", "column Settings")[0].editor Type; //Set $("#grid")Grid Updating("option", "column Settings", column Settings); //Initialize $("#grid")Grid(); //Get var caption Label = $("#grid")Grid Updating("option", "row Edit Dialog Options").containment; //Set $("#grid")Grid Updating("option", "row Edit Dialog Options").containment = "window"; //Initialize $("#grid")Grid(); //Get var dialog Template Selector = $("#grid")Grid Updating("option", "row Edit Dialog Options").editors Column Width; //Set $("#grid")Grid Updating("option", "row Edit Dialog Options").editors Column Width = 100; //Initialize $("#grid")Grid(); //Get var height = $("#grid")Grid Updating("option", "row Edit Dialog Options").height; //Set $("#grid")Grid Updating("option", "row Edit Dialog Options").height = "350px"; //Initialize $("#grid")Grid(); //Get var names Column Width = $("#grid")Grid Updating("option", "row Edit Dialog Options").names Column Width; //Set $("#grid")Grid Updating("option", "row Edit Dialog Options").names Column Width = "100px"; Note: Calling API methods programmatically does not raise events related to their operation unless specifically stated otherwise by the corresponding API documentation; those events are only raised by their respective user interaction.I have a gridview with template field on column 2 and 4. i've also used msgbox to output all column four's control ID and it's returning nothing.i mean i could hide the gridview upon loading but still, it would query the sql db and i don't want the server to have that burden.if you have an alternative solution to this one then i'm all ears.To execute a command outside of that transaction, you must open a separate connection.event handler, which means it will get called for every row.


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