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For me it was the opposite—those behaviours came from the staff.”“Captive Genders” contains numerous accounts of prisoners uniting against unjust treatment. Velasquez-Potts tells the story of Victoria Arellano, a twenty-three-year-old trans Latina woman who died in the custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement in 2007. While held in a men’s facility, her fellow prisoners organized on her behalf: they took turns tending to her, escorted her to and from the bathroom, and repeatedly agitated for the agency to give her proper care.Despite these efforts, officials continued to deny Arellano medication; she died in custody, handcuffed to a prison bed.When she was released, her lack of education, her police record, and her gender presentation made it impossible to find a job.She was forced to steal, again, and was arrested once more. It makes me feel like my brothers and sisters in the free-world could care less about us that are behind prison bars, or we must be the .”The second edition of “Captive Genders” features a new foreword by the black trans activist Ce Ce Mc Donald.(In 2009, a report by Human Rights Watch concluded that health care within U. immigrant-detention centers was “dangerously inadequate.”)In 2015, after a nearly two-year-long legal battle, Chelsea Manning was granted permission by the military to wear cosmetics and feminine undergarments, and to take hormones. prison system, she spent many months in solitary confinement, in a facility that refused to acknowledge her gender identity.* “From the start of 2010,” Manning writes in her contribution to the new “Captive Genders” edition, “I have continued to have my gender enforced and regulated (to varying degrees) as being forever and immutably male.” Manning’s battle has been aided by high visibility, a network of support, and legal counsel; the majority of imprisoned queer and trans people navigate the system’s violence in isolation.She is still not allowed to grow her hair beyond the military-authorized two inches.

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This surprised me because the media portrays people in prison as angry, evil, and deceiving. V.-positive, but was denied medication by officials.

These movements present a stark contrast with modern gay-rights groups that work in tandem with the state, lobbying for legal protections such as hate-crime legislation. is the lack of knowledge within the gay community in the free world concerning L. Despite her plea of self-defense, and the bigoted language of her attackers, Mc Donald was sentenced to forty-one months in prison for second-degree manslaughter.

Throughout “Captive Genders,”_ _writers contemplate a feeling that the mainstream L. Like all trans women who have not received gender-confirmation surgery, which is often the only form of trans identity formally recognized by the state, Mc Donald served her time in a men’s prison.

In October, a group of inmates in Connecticut launched a letter-writing campaign to protest a planned ban on porn in state prisons set to begin next summer.

Connecticut officials claim porn undermines prison security and creates a hostile work environment for staff.


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