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Or the woman who came from an abusive family who never had a protective male figure in her life until meeting her husband.

Or two lost souls who found one another and created their own little family.

The more romantic partner just loves the act of being romantic, and the other partner likes the attention.

This dynamic can last forever, or else it can turn sour if the loved partner wants the romantic partner to be more practical/"grown up", or if the romantic partner turns that romantic attention onto someone new outside the marriage. The Best Friends This couple enjoys the same things, has many of the same friends, and does not usually fight.

In this case, partners should go to counseling to work on expressing their intensity in other ways.

The point of this post was to show how many different paths there can be to functional relationships.

The way this can turn bad is if one partner stops feeling grateful to the other, or if one partner looks outside the marriage to "rescue" someone else who is worse off than the now-stronger partner. The Passionate Couple This couple fights passionately and makes up even more passionately.As a couples counselor and someone who asks friends about intimate details of their marriages as frequently as others ask friends about their weekend plans, I think I have learned a lot about marriages. Perfect and His Crazy Wife and the other posts I write where I categorize relationship dynamics, I thought you would like to hear about the types of marriages I have seen that actually work well. The Practical and the Inspired This is the familiar dynamic of the business guy and his artistic wife, or the homemaker who runs everything and the ADHD entrepreneur who wouldn't eat lunch if his wife didn't pack it. The practical partner is blown away by the other's creativity, drive, and outside-the-box thinking, and the inspired partner has no idea how the other stays so grounded, sane, and productive.(Sometimes, this couple can turn into this pair, though.) 2. This is the woman who says, "My husband is so smart, I just can't understand what he's even talking about" or the man who says, "I can crunch numbers, but my wife really connects with people." Sometimes it's the guy who is mechanically gifted and a woman who writes or teaches for a living.The Power Couple These two love the image that they project, and both enjoy being successful and enviable.They affirm each other's success and desirability frequently.For example, this is the guy who loves that his wife turns heads when she walks into the room, or the wife who brags about her husband's great new job offer.These two like how perfect they seem to others, and they are committed to their careers (or they can be one working outside the home parent and one stay-at-home parent) and their family.This dynamic shows that frequently, opposites do attract. The Lover and the Loved In very few cases do partners love one another equally.Usually, there is one more sensitive or romantic partner and one who is less emotional. Eu Cookie Bar__cookie Button:focus @keyframes scroll Bg Grid Links . Find me a group of 30-year-old men and I’ll pick out one overgrown frat dude living with roommates, another guy who just dropped his two kids off at school, a few who are well into their careers and a couple soul-searchers looking for work.


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