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Outlook resource calendar not updating datingcool 2016 asia link

Hi, Our company is having an issue where the shared room calendar is not syncing via Outlook.

It does sync fine in the OWA but most of our employees use the Outlook client.

While exchange accounts can be accessed via most email clients, Microsoft Outlook enables you to access all of your exchange account information from one place -- including your calendar.

I have rebuilt his OST thinking there was a problem with the file but he is still not able to view the calendars consistently.

I did get it working with cached exchange mode turned off but I'd like to find another workaround. I'd prefer not to have everyone in online mode as some of their mailboxes are quite large and a lot of us are constantly on the move.

The receptionist at this company has access to everyone's calendars in the building.

I'm still waiting to test the cached mode setting So our users are uing OL2010 and are using exchyange Cached mode.

They are viewing other empoyee's calendars, not the entire mailbox.


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