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(A photo of a model with eerily smooth skin, in an ad for wrinkle cream, is making a claim about the advertised product's effectiveness.) She also added that disclaimers -- the tiny print that reads "Lashes enhanced in post-production" on a mascara ad -- are no defense against making false claims.Sinding said that in his work as a photographer and occasional retoucher, his clients often send images back for more edits, and that the cumulative effect of several rounds of changes can lead to an increasingly unrealistic end product.Supermodel Coco Rocha, law professor Doreen Small and Model Alliance Director Sara Ziff will host the event.Model Lounge is an exclusive retreat for female fashion models at invited top 10 modeling agencies.Trailer: Click for trailer Websites: Home, My Genre: Documentary Rated: Unrated Synopsis Picture Me, a raw and personal video diary, charts model Sara Ziff's rise from fresh face to one that adorns billboards and magazines around the world.

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Ziff put the issue of advertising regulation and the use of Photoshop into the context of models' overall lack of empowerment within the industry.

She also pointed out that the issue of body image is often covered in a way that focuses on the effects of fashion ads on women in general -- but rarely examines the effects on the models who have to live up to the industry's standards.

If the NHL bears a responsibility for players' head injuries, asked Matlins, "what are the responsibilities of the fashion and beauty industries to their consumers?

" In Italy, explained the University of Milan's Barbara Pozzo, advertising is strictly regulated because it is understood to be a form of communication that depends on access to public spaces and airwaves, and should therefore conform to commonly held norms.


  1. Apr 8, 2009. “Why be a prop in someone else's story, when you can tell your own?” This is the last line we hear model Sara Ziff say at the end of the new documentary Picture Me, a tell-all about the modeling industry co-directed by Ziff and Ole Schell. The film, which premiered April 6 as part of the 2009 Gen Art Film.

  2. Jul 2, 2013. Sara Ziff Changing the Modeling Industry from the Inside Out. BY Kay. Founded in 2012 by Sara Ziff, with the support of other models and the Fashion Law Institute at Fordham Law School, the organization offers. At eighteen, I started to keep a video diary with my then-boyfriend, Ole Schell, a filmmaker.

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