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Whereas I think it’s more beneficial to communicate in other ways, whether it’s talking, or the way you touch, or the way you look at each other.”And as for that classic nudist question, the first one Blum says he is always asked: “What do you do if you get an erection?

” You do the same thing you do in clothed society: Deal with it, and trust that mature people won’t judge you.

But don’t get too excited: Before Jordan met Felicity, he met her mother — also naked.

These modern day artists leave less to the imagination, but they also know just how to show off the best angles and curves on a fantasy femme.

Parading a full-on erection in mixed company is unacceptable: “That’s a major no-no.

You’ll get kicked out.” Nude beaches, I realized, may be one of the few places where male sexuality is policed more strictly than the female — according to proponents who hang out at self-policed beaches, at least.

“I find that people can go a long time without knowing what the other person does for a living,” Blum says of nude meet-cutes.

“When people stop you in the street to talk, they glance you up and down.


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