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Bill Morneau told Quebec business leaders on Thursday he's always appreciated the province's open and friendly climate — but this time Canada's finance minister wasn't talking about investment.Instead, Morneau began a speech to the Montreal Board of Trade with a tongue-in-cheek anecdote about how, on his first visit, a woman who would go on to become a prominent Quebec politician allowed him to share a room with his then-girlfriend.I decided that I would take my experience and turn it around to help other people who were in the same situation.I began to counsel people facing relationship troubles and divorce, and before I knew it I was fielding calls and emails weekly from friends, or friends of friends, or friends of acquaintances.When she invited him home to visit her family in Montreal, Morneau accepted, albeit nervously."For those of you who don't know Monique's husband, Claude, he's a very well-presented man, he's very smart," Morneau said.While my first book focuses predominantly on taking the High Road in dealing with a divorce, my second book expands to include other things I have learned about taking the High Road as it applies to parenting, co-parenting, strengthening your marriage, embracing change, and living your life to it’s fullest.

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Why did you write your second book, The High Road has Less Traffic … After my first book was published, I began writing for a number of different publications including several local periodicals, and more well-known ones like Shape Magazine.

At every decision point that life presents us with as human beings, each of us must make a very deliberate choice on how we should proceed.

The decision we make ultimately defines who we are as people and as members of society.

On a personal level, I was forced to make a similar choice myself when I experienced a relationship implosion of my own, and suddenly found myself staring down the face of divorce.

I quickly came to realize the kind of pain and destruction that divorce can inflict on others, especially on children.


  1. Jan 19, 2016. The comedian says she asked Sidney for the marriage arrangement because she wanted to keep dating another man. “Initially, when I asked for it, it was because I wanted to continue to see the gentlemen that I was seeing, and I felt comfortable telling my best friend Hicks thatand I didn't want it to be.

  2. May 16, 2013. By Monique Honaman. “Dating is a numbers game, and online dating has the best odds.” — Judsen Culbreth, The Boomer's Guide to Online Dating. One of my dear friends told me the other night that she is finally “giving in” and joining the on-line dating revolution. She told me she thinks, “it's finally time” to.

  3. Monique dating history. These 1980s fashion trends will help spice up your dating life. Snazzy date ideas paired with date winning outfits. Posted by Monique Penning - 072016. Monique said as she wiped the tears from her cheek with a handkerchief. Abbey did not have much to contribute as her dating history was.

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