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Miss Parker is also the daughter of The Centre's chief executive, Mr. Her allegiances are challenged when Jarod digs up evidence regarding her late mother's alleged suicide — which may have been murder. He was tasked with overseeing Jarod's development and knows more about him than anyone.Sydney is the closest thing Jarod has to a father, though Sydney refused to return such sentiments.He appears to get killed off at the end of the first season finale, but escaped, only to die saving Jarod's life in season two. Raines stole a sperm sample from the fertility clinic that Charles and Margaret had gone to, and had implanted it in Catherine during a 'routine' operation)A Pretender who was used to corrupt the findings of Jarod's sims.He hates Jarod with a passion, both because he is jealous of him (for The Centre ever thinking that Jarod was superior to him) and because he blames his recapture while escaping with Jarod to be Jarod's fault. He's clever enough to get into trouble, but not clever enough to get himself back out.As an adult, Jarod escaped from the clutches of the Centre to search for his real family. A very kind woman who has been on the run from The Centre ever since they kidnapped Jarod, but has never stopped searching for him.

Though they at first clash, they soon form a close bond that has more to do with staying alive through all of The Centre's backstabbing than actually capturing Jarod.is complete,” they said following the announcement. His character was humorous yet serious and loved his job. He was solving the case with the evidence that was presented in the front of him.A chain-smoker, he seems to be suffering from illness and is always accompanied by his squeaky-wheeled oxygen tank.A latecomer who is brought in to oversee Jarod's capture, which The Centre believes has been mishandled by Miss Parker's team. She has her eyes set on climbing as high as she can go in The Centre by fair means or foul, and forms a bit of a rivalry with Miss Parker because she is trying to catch Jarod first.A "pretender", someone with a high-level intelligence who can pass as an expert in practically any field.Jarod was abducted as a boy by the Centre, a nefarious think tank that recognized his abilities as a savant.They eventually become more allies than antagonists to Jarod.Tropes that fit the group as a whole include: A former "cleaner" for The Centre who now works as a field agent.He first met Jarod when Jarod was injured and he tried to sell him back to The Centre, but Argyle's plan backfired and he was nearly killed by Brigitte but was saved by Jarod; since then he took rather an attachment to Jarod. Was treated to an 'accident' that left him comatose after trying to devise a plan to restore all of the children stolen by The Centre to their parents.Despite himself, Jarod finds himself amused by the little man and eventually considers him a friend even if he does take advantage of Jarod's Chronic Hero Syndrome. A carpenter and all around Nice Guy who woos Miss Parker.


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