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Mcafee manually updating virusscan 12

Download Mc Afee Virus Scan DAT daily and avoid any virus infections that may affect your computer.

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ITS recommends you run a complete scan of your hard drive at least once a month.

We currently have about 25 desktops running Mc Afee Virus Scan Enterprise v8. it's the previous version (5200) that isn't supported anymore as of January 09. I guess the only option now is to work on a script which will update the AV until we decide if we should upgrade or move to Symantec. It doesn't go end of life until the end of the year.

I noticed that after 2/12/09 the Auto Update is not updating. I'd recommend you call Mc Afee and get the required help directly from them. Txs Viru Scan - I installed the VSE onto a brand new machine. Mc Afee should give plenty of warning if the product was going end of life and it wouldn't happen in the middle of the month. Bloatware that is more expensive than anything else and for me at least, provides more problems than any other, out of proportion to the number of systems I work on. I know on the 19th, they released a 62MB update which caused a few problems as the updates are normally only 300K Is there anything in the Event Viewer or in the logs to show any problems ?

I still think you are delaying the inevitable, particularly with VSE 8.7i RC now available!

Cheers Si Basically, you need to update to VSE 8.5 and the problem will go away. This essentially upgrades the CMA to the 3.6.x version that is not EOL, like the 3.5.x version that is giving the autoupdate problems.


  1. Knowledge Center. For Home and Home. Under certain conditions, you might have to remove the McAfee Agent manually. McAfee VirusScan Enterprise VSE.

  2. My son got a new computer and gave me his old laptop. He used it in college and when he got it so he/they installed McAfee VirusScan Enterprise 8.0.0.

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