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Mark long dating

Heavenly Recordings are thrilled to announce the release of Gargoyle, the new album from MARK LANEGAN BAND, on 28th April 2017 via the label.The 10-track LP features guest appearances from long-time collaborators Josh Homme, Greg Dulli and Duke Garwood.“Dave Rosser has been my close friend and bandmate for over a decade now,” Greg Dulli commented.“By doing these shows for him we hope to ease any financial stress he may face as he pursues treatment to combat his illness.They were never cast for pure unadulterated competition. The thing is, you’re not the target audience, but your audience is a audience. You want the new kids, but I feel like you and I are “old school”—and those fans are 10 times as passionate as new fans.It’s not their fault, but that’s why you‘ve never seen those guys or girls win. There might not be as many, but they’re fucking lunatics over it, it’s awesome.I don't think anybody can look at what happened to her and think that it was a good thing.

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The 10-track LP showcases collaborations with English musician Rob Marshall and features guest appearances from long-time collaborators Josh Homme, Greg Dulli and Duke Garwood.You have to not only play the social game, but you have to the physical game down as well. What else goes down in a book disappeared from under my pillow forever.They don’t want you to focus on anything but the game and the people, and hey, hats off to them.may be the album to finally force that shift.” The Independent – 5 Stars ***** (Album Of The Week) “A brave inspired step into the unknown.” MOJO – 4 Stars **** “Like Lee Hazlewood were performing early-80s New Order.” Q – 4 Stars **** “A beautiful set that balances Lanegan’s ongoing love of blues and folk with further explorations of the electronic terrain he explored on 2012’s Blues Funeral.” Uncut – 8/10 “A graceful record that brings out the very best in the gruff veteran.” NME – 8/10 “A career highlight…The Superb ‘Floor Of The Ocean’ could be the Sisters Of Mercy covering Joy Division, while ‘Torn Red Heart’ might be the most beautiful love song Lanegan has ever recorded.” The Guardian – 4 Stars **** proves that there’s not just mileage left in him still, but that he’s going to lead us to many more places yet.” DIY – 4 Stars **** “These songs are compelling, bleak, bruising and brilliantly realised… "I want to kiss them and hug them and I usually do it at the most inopportune times, school functions, ball games, things of that nature. "That's not how dads of girls respond."Wahlberg's kids are growing up fast, but he told ET that there's nothing he loves more than embarrassing them -- maybe a little "too much.""I just want affection," he explained.A compelling return.” The Sun – 4 Stars **** builds on the electro leanings of 2012’s Blues Funeral, taking us back to the gloomier bits of the 1980s, with the transitional Joy Division/New Order a reference point.” The Sunday Times (Album Of The Week) “His voice, if anything, is getting better with age – grittier by the year and more soulful…There’s no faking this kind of quality.” Classic Rock – 8/10 “Rich in blood, sweat and atmospherics…I can go up against the youngest, fittest guys in that house and whoop their asses, hands down.Every time I’m watching I’m like, “I wish I could go head to head against these youngsters,” because it wouldn’t be pretty, man. I’m 215 pounds and positive you can bench press me. Take Derrick for instance—people love that Derrick is back. What a storyline me coming back now would be after all these years.


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