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Saintly sportsmanship from #Kamloops player sparks incredible moment for injured Kelowna opponent — https://t.co/qt IDlnk SNt pic.twitter.com/F0Yg3GSEq R — Marty Hastings (@Mar The Reporter) January 16, 2018 A game between two Canadian girls basketball programs took on special meaning beyond the final score last weekend.

In the contest between British Columbia schools Okanagan Mission (Kelowna) and Nor Kam (Kamloops), a lopsided score yielded a special moment for Mission senior Emma Parmar.

Kamloops generally stage just offshore throughout the winter months, then tend to enter the rivers just after ice-out, typically in early April.

Kamloops spawn in lower stream reaches than steelhead & at slightly different temperatures.

There is also heavy black spotting throughout the head, back, sides, adipose fin & tail.

Iridescent pink to reddish band extends from the head to the tail along the lateral line.

Kamloops This Week shared this story of sportsmanship from the Great White North.

In November, Parmar tore her ACL in her team’s last practice before the season opener.

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Run activities generally peak in mid-April, with spawning occurring at water temperatures in the upper 30's to mid-40's.

However, genetic analyses show that Kamloops currently stocked in Minnesota waters do not represent the pure form of Kamloops trout.

They are as such referred to as a, "Hatchery Strain." Starting in the 1970’s, experimental stocking of rainbow trout yearlings began in Minnesota as an attempt to augment wild steelhead stocks.

Kamloops are currently stocked only in Lower North Shore tributaries.

Confining stocking to the lower North Shore mitigates straying with the purpose of limiting genetic introgression of Kamloops genes into wild steelhead stocks (cross-breeding).


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