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Jsp validating text box

A text field is a basic text control that enables the user to type a small amount of text.When the user indicates that text entry is complete (usually by pressing Enter), the text field fires an action event.Lightweight form validation library in Java Script ready to include in any web application.The Ten Best Java Script Libraries for Form Validation and Formatting Parsley.js: Javascript forms validation. if i entered an Logine name , which all ready in the data base.

Executes Java Script whenever a user moves with the mouse the focus away from an element within a form.

The code below creates and sets up the highlighter and the painter for the text area. Default Highlight Painter(HILIT_COLOR); text Highlighter(hilit); method, which not only performs a search in the text area but also handles highlighting.

The following code highlights the found text, sets the caret to the end of the found match, sets the default background for the text field, and displays a message in the status bar.

You can find the entire code for this program in in the example, indicates the number of columns in the field.

This number is used along with metrics provided by the field's current font to calculate the field's preferred width.


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