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Invalidating session in jsf Real free nude dating sites

Standard Valve Context.invoke Next(Standard Valve Context.java:104) at org.apache.catalina.valves.

Error Report Valve.invoke(Error Report Valve.java:118) at org.apache.

In turn, the action handler, shown previously in Example 18-5, invalidates the session and redirects to the home page.

See the full tutorial, associated code, exercises, and exercise solutions.

Once a user clicks the logout button, the JSF controller identifies the corresponding class file from the Faces configuration file and passes the name of the action handler method to the managed bean.

If the user chooses to log out, their session is invalidated and then they are redirected back to the application's welcome page.

They will have to log in again to continue the application.

Figure 18-7 shows the logout page from the SRDemo application.

Example 18-4 shows the source code from the SRDemo application's logout page.


  1. In the Create JSF JSP wizard. The redirect to a databound page ensures that the ADF Binding Context gets created again after invalidating the HTTP Session.

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