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Chocolate W Strawberry Cream ELITE MEGADIM .69 21 1.76 Oz Sour Cream Onion, 10.50 Oz Nishnash BB 23 Chocolate, Lemon, Vanilla, 7 Oz. Fro H O T TA B L E S P E C I A L S SPECIALS VALID THRU 2111821718 SPECIALS ARE FOR THE LAKEWOOD LOCATION ONLY 1099 lb Chinese Chicken 1599 lb Chinese Beef Side Dishes 499 lb Sun Wed Kugel Mu Please join us for our Inaugural Parlor Meeting on behalf of At the home of Rabbi Yaakov Nissin Friedman 325 Case Road Thursday, Feb 22nd rst wjk rut 800 PM tyhka inuhb ktrah wr dvrv vucd arsn Tailors will only work on clean clothing. YOall wood bookcases actual item shown ORDABLE AFF 3 PC unit 1499 9 8 WIDE X 7 3.5 TALL face frame construction Single Unit with Doors 399 3 WIDE X 7 TALL HESHY CUTLER 732.534.5169 please leav PHILK. The Rosh Yeshiva will be hosted by the Fensterheim family on Dina Ct. h achnasas sefer torah at Y eshiva ne BACK AGAIN in the beautiful POCONO MOUNTAINS Our 13th exciting year Pesach 2018 Pocono Manor Resort and Spa Just 2 hours from NY Activities Beautiful Indoor Pool Indoor Tennis Exclusive Spa Horsebac LAKEWOOD NEWS major milestone was celebrated in Yeshiva Gedolah of Bayonne on Sunday evening as talmidim of the yeshiva held a gala Siyum to mark the completion of the entire Maseches Bava Kama.

Elderberry is at the center of Maxi Healths immune supplements. I S R A E L B O O KS H O P P U B L I C AT I O N S . , , , , , , , , , , , , , YOUR VEHICLE DESERVES A LONG AND HEALTHY LIFE Experience our Exclusive 15 Point Oil Change Service High quality oils that are guaranteed to meet or exceed API standards High quality filters that are g THE LAKEWOOD SHOPPER FEBRUARY 9, 2018 63 Rabbi Moshe Rotberg The World of Shabbos and Automation n the last column we discussed the halachik status of various electronic uses on Shabbos. is connotes a very strong attachm What separates the men from the boys, so to speak, is if you are able to serve Hashem consistently at all times, even when things are not so great for you.

According to the Journal of International Medical Research, when used within the first of onset of sympto THE LAKEWOOD SHOPPER JUNE 16, 2017 55 ESCAPE THE ORDINARY Enjoy the moment FOR EXCLUSIVE OFFERS TEXT PRIME to 21800 79 Not including Tips Tax Dinner special for 2 people Whether you try one of our savory steaks, juicy chicken, or flak SIMCHAS PURIM WITH EASE Committed to obtaining your maximum tax benefit Individual Business Returns Newlywed New Client DISCOUNT 20 Menachem Abraham, CPA EA Lakewood Office THE LAKEWOOD SHOPPER FEOver 3000 hats in stock in all crown and brim sizes. As always, these columns are not intended to be a nal DR . GLENN AUF SEESER HAS JOINED HIS PODIATRIC PRACTICE LAKEWOOD FOOT AND ANKLE SPECIALISTS WITH THE OFFICE LOCATED AT 1700 MADIS ON AVENUE Look ho FEB. Meir Wikler is a psychotherapist and family counselor in fulltime private practice with offices in Brooklyn, N. that you are still going to serve Hakados Special Daf Ha Yomi BHalacha column for Lakewood shopper Daf Ha Yomi BHalacha Sunday highlighted halacha Mens ornaments in a reshus harabim We learned previously that Chazal forbade certain garm The Lakewood Shopper 732.367.6245 February 9, 2018 73 By Dovid Green GEDOLIM STORIES The Golden Mitzvah t was a beautiful Shabbos afternoon in the spring in Yerushalayim, and Lazer, a young boy, was walking down the street.

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By examining the mitochondrial genome diversity and isotopic ratios of 74 ancient remains in conjunction with the archaeological record, we have provided definitive evidence for the genetic discontinuity between the maternal lineages of these populations.

This northeastern margin of North America appears to have been populated multiple times by distinct groups that did not share a recent common ancestry, but rather one much deeper in time at the entry point into the continent.

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f l oo carpet cleaning upholstery At Best Cleaning, Large Sale Event INTRODUCING THE NEW THE NAME YOU TRUST 2015 SEALY POSTUREPEDIC WITH PRICES YOU LOVE. DEADLINE FOR CUSTOM ORDERS FOR PESACH WEDESDAY FEB.14 MS Designs 732.606.7042 STOP IN FOR YOUR READY EXPERTFIT AT28 FEBRUARY 9, 2018 THE LAKEWOOD SHOPPER Meet Our Lakewood VIP Agents A hop, skip, or a phone call away. LAKEWOOD NEWS icar k vias mezuzah harav Yosef dovid kor Bman shlita rosh Yeshiva , Yeshiva gedola of south lakewood sa Ying shuir in the achva Bais madrash in Yerushla Yim at the zichron chana leah par THE LAKEWOOD SHOPPER FEBRUARY 9, 2018 35 LAKEWOOD NEWS mr.


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