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In August 1947 Ted Kavanagh, the scriptwriter of the BBC Home Service show It's That Man Again (ITMA), visited the Players' and invited Jacques to audition for the series, which she did on 18 September, for a fee of five guineas.

In June 1956 Jacques appeared in an episode of The Tony Hancock Show on ITV; this led to the role of Hancock's secretary, Griselda Pugh, in the BBC radio series Hancock's Half Hour.

While appearing at the Players' in 1946 she acquired the nickname "Hattie" after performing in the minstrel show Coal Black Mammies for Dixie.

A member of the backstage staff compared her "blacked up" appearance with the American actress Hattie Mc Daniel, known for her work in Gone with the Wind, and Jacques adopted the name for the rest of her life."It was planned that I should play a character named 'Ella Phant'.

Jacques played Alice, a welder: when she was offered her fee for 17 days filming, she replied "I've done this job welding Bailey and Pontoon Bridges and I know how hard it is. The "Archie" of the title was the ventriloquist's dummy Archie Andrews, operated by Peter Brough.

The first series ran for 29 weeks until 19 December.


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