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Falling below expectations Of the first few men I went on dates with, a San Francisco-based Chinese guy came closest to my criteria.

After working and studying in London for three and a half years, I returned to Singapore in 1998, aged 25. I had a limited social life back in the UK – my colleagues were attached or married, and my Asian friends had gone home to their respective countries – so I spent many weekends by myself. Online dating was coming into fashion, and I was excited about giving this new avenue a shot.

Spoiler alert: If safety is one of your top priorities when deciding where to live, Singapore's a pretty good choice.

Where in the world - literally - is the safest place? Read More When you’re facing life’s myriad challenges, having someone tell you to “Stay positive!

But midway, he told me rather bluntly that he preferred slimmer girls. Subsequently, I met other men who were very specific about appearance – and their criteria tended to be ‘tall, slim and with long hair’.

At 1.63m, with short hair and a hint of chubbiness, I definitely did not fit the bill.


  1. Feb 12, 2018. The dating game is tough – which kind of explains why there are heaps of websites, apps, matchmaking agencies and event organisers trying to make finding romantic prospects in Singapore a little easier. Shy? Dating apps could be your answer. Been swiping your heart out to no avail? Take part in a cool.

  2. Aug 1, 2017. Whether you relocated on your own or you've been unintentionally thrown into the singles scene through the breakdown of a relationship, dating in an unfamiliar country can be both exciting and daunting. We spoke to two expat ladies who are discovering just what Singapore has to offer for singles, and.

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