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The single python file can be downloaded from here. My Form Mediator is the mediator which knowsabout and specifically looks after My Form, intercepting wx events from the GUIand broadcasting pure MVC notification messages.

The mediator also listens forpure MVC notification messages and stuffs data back into the GUI.

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There is a very strange Traceback here that I cannot really get rid of.

Pardon the pun but Pure MVC often uses 'note' to refer to the notification message parameter, which I found confusing.

For example when a meditor receives a notification. Notification messages have a Name(), Body() and Type().

To actually run that example in Flex you need to create a Flex project, import the source, move the startup function found in into the mxml, and trigger it via a onloadcomplete event in the mxml.

Leave the startup code exactly the way it is - passing in the stage as a parameter to the startup code is fine, even in Flex.


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