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Dating rca post war tubes

Most catalogues before WWII are rare, simple drawn and not dated.You can find more information on this websites (German) Jogis-roehrenbude Glasapparaten museum Cursdorff e also learned his skills at the workshop of Franz Müller in Bonn.Röntgen probably used tubes made by Louis Müller-Unkel when he discovered the X-rays.

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In February 1896 Richard Müller-Uri started his own company for gas discharge tubes and introduced extra large tube models "so that students in the largest auditoriums with weak eyes could see the tubes." Richard was likely more a salesman than a glassblower.Until then the workshop only produced products for export.The main production came from Leipzig, from 1910 Pressler started the production of X-ray tubes.Until WWI (1914-1918) the firm produced all kind of Geissler, Hittorf, Crookes, Braun, Lenard, Perrin and X-ray tubes for Universities and schools.The Cursdorff factory had a transport issue due to it's location in the mountains which was solved in the twenties when a railway was build.From 1894 he worked close together with Franz Müller.Louis started in 1889 his own workshop in Braunschweig where he continued his work for Elster and Geitel.They made all kind of scientific and chemical glass instruments, a new factory was build in 1924.The company made also X-ray tubes for Conrad Röntgen.Company established in 1869 until 1926 in Stützerbach Thuringa, produced chemical and scientific glasswork including Geissler tubes.Two catalogues are known, published in 1895 one in red and one in yellow both catalogues contain the same items.


  1. Octal sockets were designed to accept octal tubes, the rib in the keyed post. on RCA's miniature tubes. War II. After the war miniature tubes.

  2. Franz Müller build the first cathode ray tubes for Karl. Dating these instruments is. Early glassblowers often sold their own products from a.

  3. Dating your SX-28 by Serial Number. SX-28A Post-War Production and Serial. be sure that all of the tubes used in your SX-28 test "as new.

  4. Post subject Dating radios by the true model season - example GE. one only, JFM 2 with FM, JM 5 record player, L 34 BC only or BC and SW, 5 or 6 tubes.

  5. Dating a Capehart by Model. These post-war Capeharts are by many. it is probably the inter-stage FM transformers which have tiny PVC tubes supporting the.

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