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Dating questions ask gay guy

How much attention does he give to you specifically? Ask yourself those questions and really look at your relationship objectively – that’s where you’ll find the answer.

I’d even go so far as to say you already know the answer in your heart, you just wanted help moving through your thoughts about the situation.

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I’m not hear to moralize or lecture you – that’s not what I’m about.

I will say that the reason that you went through his private correspondence is because, in your gut, you don’t trust him.

Now, that may or may not be the – I’m just saying that’s how imagine you feel.That’s what a wet dream is – you’ve got so much man-batter in you that you ejaculate in your sleep.I can’t speak for a woman’s experience, but nature has instilled men with an insatiable urge for sexual release.When a woman realizes the biological burden (and secondary social-shame burden) men walk around with, you can understand that a man’s sexuality is something he has to deal with and take care of frequently. So if the thought of him watching porn intimidates you on some level, then finding ways to genuinely enjoy sex with him more might be helpful.Let’s switch gears now to the other part of your question…One “load” from a guy has enough sperm to impregnate a country’s worth of women and men are “ready to fire” If he’s got a good amount of testosterone going through his system, his level of sexual desire is much higher than the average guy. are all factors that contribute to higher testosterone and, simply, the higher the testosterone levels, the higher the sex drive and need to “release”. Granted, I do highly encourage everyone to aspire towards living a healthy lifestyle with exercise and fitness.On one hand it’s fun, but on another hand it’s inconvenient and uncomfortable. Not just for the aesthetic elements like looking more attractive and “hotter” to him sexually, but also because it will make you feel more confident, happier and more radiant.I’m not saying there’s Men and women are turned on by different things because of how we’re wired by nature. So when you say that you don’t understand why guys watch porn, well, that makes sense.Clearly men and women have different internal responses in the realm of sexuality.You said you went through his email and found videos and evidence that he’s communicating sexually with some other woman. I can tell you that I’ve had a girl or two invade my privacy and I dumped them immediately.For most guy’s, it’s an absolute deal-breaker so be careful.


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