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Dating fender bassman

Remove the 0.1u F cap and 47KOhm resistor in the feedback loop and replace with a 820 ohm resistor (which you can make switchable by using the ground switch).

Personally we have experienced good results with a 1.5K which reduces the negative feedback and increases distortion and treble.

You need to do this only if you change the negative feedback loop to AA864 specs.Production years 1964 -1967 “blackface” circuits AA864, AA165, AB165 1967 -1977 “silverface” circuits AA165, AB165, AA270, AA371, AA568, AC568, AA864 Tube layout AA864 Tube layout (Seen from behind, V1 is to the right side): V1 12ax7 = Preamp bass channel V2 12ax7 = 2’nd gain stage bass channel (and normal channel for AB165) V3 12ax7 = Preamp normal channel V4 12at7 = Phase inverter V5 6L6 = Power tube #1 V6 6L6 = Power tube #2 Summary The Fender Bassman is a legendary guitar amp known to both guitar and bass players.It was introduced in 1951, primarily targeted for bass guitar players and promoted as a bass amp for the Fender Precision Bass guitar, the first mass-produced electric bass guitar ever.The bassman was a combo amp in the tweed era with the 1×15″ and 4×10″ speaker configurations.From the blonde era Fender made the Bassman as a amp head and 2×12″ closed cabinet. The video below compares a Bassman AB165 to a Princeton Reverb and a Deluxe Reverb.The picture below shows a 1969 transition model amp.Unfortunately the Bassman was one of the first amps that CBS laid their hands on after buying the company from Leo Fender.– Replace the 0.022u F coupling caps in front of the 6L6 to 0.1u F.– Modify the negative feedback loop from the AB165-design to the AA864/standad Fender NBF design.We will further focus mostly on the AB165 vs AA864.Some things have not changed since the beginning; The Bassman never had reverb or tremolo.


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