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Dating before divorce is final michigan

Sometimes you can see a misty blue figure floating within a 3-mile radius of the Ada Cemetery on 2 Mile between Egypt Valley and Honey Creek.The story of her origin is as follows: A man suspected his wife of having an affair, so he followed her late one night when she thought he was asleep.Reports from later residents told us that they had placed a mirror over it, and they had a rocker in the room.One night during a party, with several witnesses, the rocker began rocking on its own, then flew back and smashed the mirror.This place has also been described as a good place to go to contact other spirits. He will not allow antagonistic spirits to talk however; once again to protect his family.

We finally moved a tall dresser in front of it and that seemed to take care of it.

When objects were placed between them and the windows they actually became brighter.

We tried painting the walls, putting several coats of paint over them (thinking they may have been a joke of a previous resident, made with glow in the dark paint) - also having used sandpaper on the wall in that spot first before painting.

lights like to go on & off in this home & she does move things to let someone know she is there.

The cemetery where this child lies has had alot of activity also.


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