Dating a bad boy

And by doing so, you actually gain a greater advantage over narcissistic bad boys.

See, while narcissists seem more attractive that overall effect fades very quickly.

The idea of assholes and bad boys underpins the PUA and Red Pill philosophies of learning how to be an asshole so women will love you.

The whole “alpha fucks, beta bucks” mentality, dread game, negging women in order to prove your value and so on are all ways to try to dress up in bad boy drag and convince women that you’re “alpha”.

For example: Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: a shy nice guy has a crush on an attractive woman.

He spends weeks trying to tell if she likes him back. after days of building up his courage he makes his move.

The nice guy nice guy doesn’t get a chance because, frankly, he never gets in the game in the first place. One of the most famous studies on the appeal of men with high levels of narcissism, psychopathy and Machiavellianism focused on the halo effect – the way that one’s appearance affects how others perceive you.

Narcissists in particular, tend to be perceived as more attractive than other people.

Rating high on the dark triad of personality traits doesn’t magically make you look like a clone of Stephen Amell who also smells like freshly baked cookies. Guys who are frustrated by their lack of dating success often look to some singular cause for their failure – especially when it feels as though they’ve been following the path that society and pop-culture has told them to follow.That, of course, is when he discovers that she’s dating someone else.The problem for so many nice guys (and Nice Guys, for that matter) is that they are afraid of rejection.To some, this seems like yet another unfair advantage, something that dark triad men have that leaves nice guys in the lurch.In reality, however, genuinely good guys have the upper hand.women seem to go for bad boys – even when they say they want someone nice.One of the biggest mistake people make is assuming that it’s asshole behavior that makes bad boys appealing.In fact, over time, people see narcissists as unpleasant, hostile dicks.Meanwhile, legitimately good guys – people that others like to spend time around – become appealing over time.Men committed to the idea that women want assholes will point to Anastasia Steele as “proof” that women want to be dominated by “alphas”; after all, look at how many women got the screaming thigh-sweats over Christian Grey and his floggers.Of course for this to work, one has to ignore that what works as a fantasy isn’t necessarily something you would want to do in the real world.


  1. Jan 13, 2015. A dating coach I know recently posted on Facebook a portion of an email she received from a longtime married, 60-something man who'd read one of her blog posts, about why women like jerk. He felt compelled to share his advice in return Namely, that women who date or chase bad boys will eventually.

  2. Apr 1, 2017. One of the more tedious ideas in dating advice is the idea of “nice guys finish last” and “girls love bad boys”. It's a truism that never seems to fully go away – the idea that women love assholes and will pick them over the self-described “nice guy”. The idea of assholes and bad boys underpins the PUA and.

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