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Conscious dating podcasts

"I want every single person in the audience to relate to something in each story," De La Tour says."These are stories that don't fade out like the movies." Listen here.Send in your questions to [email protected] get them answered on the show!In this podcast Steve is in Colombia and he speaks Diana Nuñez of about vaginas who have something to say to the world.Each month Relationship Coaching Institute hosts a LIVE tele-seminar on a topic of interest to singles and couples interested in learning about how to have successful, fulfilling, conscious relationships. That includes a good number that talk about sex—240 under the "sexuality" category in i Tunes alone. The raunchiest will make the most stoic listener blush, while those with cultural significance will give you fodder for some interesting cocktail conversation. "And right now it's covered in tears and whiskey." He started the podcast because, in his words, "Women would sleep with me but not date me, and I wanted to find out why." He decided to make a show out of erotic post-mortems and ex-girlfriend interviews.More than that, the entirely sincere podcast plants you firmly in someone else's life, guided by diverse voices; all the staff members are queer, women of color, or both.

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Listening to podcasts on your mobile devices is extremely convenient -- and it's what makes the podcasting medium so powerful.

We checked out dozens of the funniest, smartest, smuttiest sex podcasts out there and picked 10 favorites with a four-category rating system, so you can weed out what you like. But Procida is more than a self-proclaimed slut; he's a thoughtful guy who chooses fresh, current topics, like what it's like to be transgender and dating, or a porn copywriter. One memorable encounter will be his upcoming interview with a happy ending masseuse—while getting a handjob. In the producers Phoebe Wang and Mitra Kaboli's words, The Heart makes documentaries "with immersive performances and sound design that makes you feel like you've walked into a magic dream world." And each episode of this gorgeously made show does sound like art.

"For some strange reason, my listeners seem to like knowing where my dick has been," says host Billy Procida, who recently broke up with his girlfriend.

"Love, Harry" is about what happens when you fall in love with your best friend. "The most common thing I hear is, 'I can't believe you're doing this with your mom," co-host Cam Poter says.

According to show producers, the podcast is primarily recorded in host Kaitlin Prest's soundproofed bedroom closet. The podcast was born when Cam, a comic, realized that his best jokes were about his mom and the sex advice You Tube show she had started.


  1. How to Find Your Soul Mate. Updated a long time ago. Are "soul mates" real? What's the difference between a Life Partner and a Soul Mate? This program features David Steele, author of Conscious Dating and his soul mate Darlene talking for the first time in public about their soul mate journey and how to use Conscious.

  2. Podcast Episode 23 The Choices You Can Make. By Michelle Murrain. Podcast Episode 23 The Choices You Can Make. During our dating and relationship process, we are always able to make choices. This episode dives into those choices, how we can be conscious about them, and communicate about them.

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