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Companionship vs dating

And if they naturally don’t like hurting friends, then they won’t be able to bear hurting a partner who have been their best friend all along.

They will leave no reservation in front of you Best friends value authenticity the most.

However, we can attest that attractiveness alone barely last.

What we need to keep fighting is a strong desire not to hurt the person we value the most despite relentless challenges being thrown upon the relationship.

I always prefer someone who have been friends with me for quite some time before I consider any possibilities of taking the relationship into the next level.

Because honesty, sincerity and integrity are three crucial elements that I need to see before I put down any walls for someone. People are instantly captivated by anything that revitalizes their view.

He know your values and your visions, and despite some differences, he chose to accompany you all the way.

To give you an insight, companionship is falling in love through friendship.

I know, friendship is a very delicate relationship to gamble upon.

When your partner is your best friend, being judged is rarely an issue, and reservations doesn’t make any sense and only raises suspicions.

He will cheer you, tease you, scold you, drive you mad, annoy you, cry with you, laugh with you, and stick with you through thick and thin.


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