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I know this is rather blunt, but college kids have not had to 'wait' for anything and frankly, neither have I at 28!People these days are getting married late, and starting families later: This is absolutely fine, and smart! A lot of college students would be wise to realize that they need not be in any hurry.Relationships and marriage are best, but that doesn't mean that single is 'second-rate.'" ----- "Looking at this as a Christian single man, 34 years of age, the problem is not being picky and waiting for someone better ...it is more a fear of not making a mistake that will end up with me being miserable or repeating the mistakes of the past-neglect, abandonment, divorce.It's ironic the many parents from the Christian 'boomer' generation are very disillusioned with dating and enthusiastic about courtship, while many Christian young adults of the 'millennial' generation are very turned off by courtship, seeing it as legalistic and having a 'sheltered feeling.' Just from the girls' side, I think a lot of women are insecure and have difficulty seeing themselves as beautiful and valuable without being attached to a man.While God did design the woman to have her desire after her husband (Genesis ), a girl is just as valued and honored by God when she is not on a man's arm.The rules were overwhelming, and the classes were so strict.

Girls (not just guys) need to grow up and need to stop living in such fear. How are they ever going to know 'she's the one' without dating experience?

What responsibility do ministries have to their founder’s vision—and to those who sacrificed to fund it?

"Christian Boy Meets Christian Girl" (WORLD, June 4, 2011) examined the confusion among Christian young men and women concerning relationships.

We should encourage one another to meet and mingle and not stir up feeling of competition between the sexes or even between our same sex." ----- "I have one thing to say to college kids: SLOW THE HECK DOWN!

I remember 28 sounding incredibly 'old' when I was 22, but now I know just how young I am.


  1. Apr 24, 2013. I wish I had found my future husband while I was still in college. I might have had some boys interested in me, but the majority didn't make it very clear. See, I wasn't a hookup kind of girl. I went to church. I tried to hang out with nice boys. But in terms of dating, either nothing felt right that did happen or.

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