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Four—Oregon, Washington, Colorado, and Alaska—along with Washington, D.

Before this he lived in New York, grew a little weed in his apartment, did customer support for a software company that AJ had founded.

Gino spent a lot of time schlepping back and forth between New York and Washington, D.

C., which was nowhere near as much fun as sleeping until noon, delivering weed to movie stars and rappers, then partying with them until dawn.

A waiting delivery guy does halfhearted pullups from a bar hung in a doorway; another employee packs weed into white paper bags. No, he's just bitching about getting stiffed on a tip like some righteous Domino's driver. Second guy has a 0 order, and he tells me, ‘Hey man, enjoy your Friday, have a nice day, man.' Fuck!

Then the door bursts open and Chris Cope, one of Speed Weed's drivers, storms in raging. "I just did two deliveries and got a cock in my ass! ’Cope is a pudgy 31-year-old from Gainesville, Florida, who moved to L. to make it as a stand-up comic, and he's delivering weed to pay the bills.


  1. Legal weed has entered the world of on-demand apps. Are kush lovers ready for morning delivery?

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