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For Balenciaga bags with metal plates that are older than Fall / Winter 2003, this letter will be missing. Using the lookup below, we see that this bag is from Spring Summer 2012.

On leather tags (Balenciaga tags without a metal plate), some bags will not have this letter no matter what year or season they belong to, making it more difficult to date the bag.

However, if the leather tag has this letter that allows dating, it will be located somewhere on the backside of the tag.

In the example of the leather tag above, this would be the letter H.

After discussions with his parents, he decided to return to Italy and set up in Rome in 1959.

In 1960 Valentino left Paris and opened a fashion house in Rome on the posh Via Condotti with the backing of his father and an associate of his.

One of three children, Giammetti was in his second year of architecture school, living at home with his parents in the haut bourgeois Parioli section of Northern Rome.

That day Giammetti gave Valentino a lift home in his Fiat and a friendship, as well as a long-lasting partnership, started.

Here's what each letter means: E - Fall / Winter Collection 2015 F - Spring / Summer Collection 2015 G - F/W 2014 H - S/S 2014 I - F/W 2013 J - S/S 2013 K - F/W 2012 L - S/S 2012 M - F/W 2011 N - S/S 2011 O - F/W 2010 P - S/S 2010 Q - F/W 2009 R - S/S 2009 S - F/W 2008 T - S/S 2008 U - F/W 2007 V - S/S 2007 W - F/W 2006 Y - S/S 2006 Z - F/W 2005 A - S/S 2005 B - F/W 2004 C - S/S 2004 D - F/W 2003 So, now with the reference seasons above, you can easily date the following bags.His main lines include Valentino, Valentino Garavani, Valentino Roma, and R. Valentino then moved to Paris to pursue this interest with the help of his mother Teresa de Biaggi and his father Mauro Garavani. Valentino was born in Voghera, in the province of Pavia, Lombardy, Italy.It made such an impression that Kennedy contacted Ms.Schiff to learn the name of the ensemble's designer, which was Valentino. Kennedy ordered six of his haute couture dresses, all in black and white, and wore them during her year of mourning following President John F. From then on, she was a devoted client and would become a friend.As stated previously, dating a bag is only one very small part of authentication. For similar articles, check out how to date Louis Vuitton bags and how to date Chanel bags.Valentino Clemente Ludovico Garavani (born ), best known as Valentino, is an Italian fashion designer and founder of the Valentino Sp A brand and company. He became interested in fashion while in primary school in his native Voghera, Lombardy, northern Italy, when he apprenticed under his aunt Rosa and local designer Ernestina Salvadeo, an aunt of noted artist Aldo Giorgini.When Giammetti arrived, the business situation of Valentino's atelier was in fact not brilliant: in one year he had spent so much money that his father's associate pulled out of the business, and had to fight against bankruptcy.At some point in 1964, Jacqueline Kennedy had seen Gloria Schiff, the twin sister of the Rome-based fashion editor of American Vogue and Valentino's friend Consuelo Crespi, wearing a two-piece ensemble in black organza at a gathering.:)This bag has the letter B which means it is a 2004 Fall / Winter season bag.The letter H on this bag tells us that this bag is from Spring Summer 2014. To shop worry-free, check out Lollipuff's pre-authenticated Balenciaga bags. We hope that this blog post helps you in dating your own Balenciaga bags.


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