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Beth twitty and john ramsey dating

Robin said the Mets pitcher missed a pitching assignment yesterday. Howard said now he's going to name 10 foods and one is one he's never had. Howard said Gary is trying to get Ryan Seacrest in there. Howard said the guys who covered it say that the typical fan was in their late 20s. He said all people were obsessed with everything Broadway.He said you have to go out there and play the game. Howard said speaking of Lenny he has a Cinco de Mayo message for Robin. Robin said she always thought that about Starbucks. Howard played a commercial about his coffee drinking. Howard said they also tied in that ABC is bringing back American Idol. Howard said drums aren't meant to be a solo instrument. Howard said to people who live there that's just annoying. He said if someone acts that way you just keep your head down. Howard asked the guy if they put him in the movie as a goof would he like it. Howard said that he believes in Richard and gave him a real job. He read the list and said you have to show up early. Ryan went on with the list about what to wear and how to be humble and things like that. Howard started to name states and asked Robin if he's been there. He took a call from the guys in the back who had some audio of Jon talking about his best fast food straws. Howard said he sounds like Fred doing his Nicole Bass impression. He really did sound like that Nicole Bass impression.He said everything he sings is just as good live as it is on radio.Howard let the caller go and said Chris is a big talent. Robin started her news with a story about a guy who is accused of killing his 60 year old girlfriend.Robin said she hopes she's just rehearsing for a play. Robin said she just saw the mayor opening up a new ferry last week. Richard said Will Murray has the greatest story about someone sitting in shit. He said no one could stand near him because of the smell. He said he's sure they're from some magazine or something. He said he may write a Jon Benet Ramsey musical after hearing that. Donny said he knows everything about Broadway and argued with people. Robin said sometimes they have to die before they're discovered.Howard said she's not attacking anyone so she's one of the nicer people. She said all he does is talk about making public transportation better. Richard said it was partially dry but it stuck to his pants. He said he didn't get new clothes because it was like midnight and no one was open. Howard said people were waving at him not to sit down. Howard said people run outside with their headphones and you have to keep your ears open. He said that they probably pull them out of Red Book or something. Fred played the song and Howard and Robin sang along. Howard played a prank call the guys made to a woman where they had him singing the Name Game and tried to get her to sing it. Fred played music but Howard said he's not singing now. Howard said he didn't know Chris until he was on Saturday Night Live.

The caller said you have to see him perform live if you can.

Robin said ''Oh my goodness.'' Howard said just get it over with and do it. Howard said he has a job to do but Robin won't let him do it. He said one guy takes a picture of him and sends it to the authorities and no one cares. Richard said he hung outside with the shit on his pants. He said it's like what Stan Lee does in every Marvel movie. Robin said she noticed they hold hands on their way out. He said he'll have another list about not sitting in shit. Howard said he should sit there and read lists to Robin. Howard said at least Michael Strahan didn't do lists. He had his girlfriend with him and she sang along with him. Mariann said she thinks that Gary should get him on the show. Howard played a Mariann from Brooklyn bit where they had her giving a master class in yelling.

He said he thinks his message was offensive to everyone. Howard played the clip of the woman yelling at her husband about cheating on her. Howard said Richard almost got kicked in the head by a dancer on the subway. Howard played more of the woman screaming at her husband. Howard said it's like the time Elephant Boy shit his pants and went to see Gary. Richard said he's been friends with James the director for a long time. Howard said he looks like a senile old man in what they do with him. Howard said he thinks tomorrow he'll read his grocery list to Robin. Howard said he has a list of how to stay married a long time. Robin said maybe he should do that on days when he's not in a good mood. Robin said he won Dancing with the Stars so that's why he got that job. Howard played the clip again to hear people clapping. Howard said he and Beth sound like that when they watch The Bachelor. am After the break they played a ''Psychic Wars'' phony phone call bit. Gary said they've reached out a thousand times and he isn't talking to anyone. Mariann was talking over everyone so Howard hung up on her. Howard took a call from a guy who said he touched on Chris going so long unnoticed.

He said they can do a commercial break and continue to do the list. JD said they talk about personal life stuff but it's the same bullshit every day. Howard read more about the bit he and Amy did and he had no idea that the music was from Hamilton.

Howard asked JD to record the show and see if they do a list today. Howard asked if Kelly is doing most of the heavy lifting.


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