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My problem is that women in my dating range have been married and had multiple kids and have let their bodies go to waste.attractive and one of the silliest and most thoughtful guys you could ever meet, but at 5 feet 6 inches tall I am thinking my height is causing me to come up short in their eyes (on first impressions). He then made reference to my son from a previous marriage, and said that I am happier when my son comes home, than I am when he (my husband) comes home. Sending profanity-riddled text messages when you are dissatisfied with your birthday gifts isn't the behavior of a mature adult.

Because you are so specific with your desires, trigger happy with first impressions and shallow in your own judgments, the only surefire way for you to determine if your height is causing you to be a dating misfit would be for you to grow a few inches taller. Dear Amy: My husband and I have been married for eight years. He said this was the worst "f" birthday ever and next year he wasn't buying anybody any "f" thing. He has done this before, and it always seems to come out of left field. No matter what inspires this behavior, it is wrong.

Whenever he has issues with me, this is what he does. Dear Worried: Maybe your husband doesn't respect women — or maybe he just doesn't respect you.

I gave him a couple of gifts that I knew he would like, but he was dissatisfied, and he sent me a text message riddled with profanity.

If his behavior gets worse, you should consider leaving the relationship.

Dear Amy: I hated your one-sided, knee-jerk response to "Not Really Stepdad."His sexual attraction to his girlfriend's 18-year-old daughter is his own business.

You should save these messages and talk about this during a private, calm moment.

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It comes as thousands prepare to take to the streets of London this weekend for the annual Virgin London Marathon Beetroot is a rich source of inorganic nitrate- which your body converts to nitric oxide.The only way short guys survive is by knowing that we live longer and can weave through Costco aisles faster than our taller, wealthier, calmer, happier and more powerful, popular, employable, educated and sexually active counterparts. which we use to barter extra tater tots at school lunch.Shortness is great when we are four years old and get to hold the plaque in our soccer team photo. Grade school teachers find our smallness endearing and award us extra stickers and desired parts in class plays.Older girls at school dances bully us by spinning us in the air like helicopters. We play tennis in high school because the soccer scrum and mini strike zone no longer apply.We become the lucky charm at sporting events which is like an acceptable form of bullying.His behavior is that of a very insecure and frustrated person who is venting and lashing out in order to punish and intimidate.You don't mention how you have reacted to these outbursts.He didn't say how old he is — he might be close to her age! His longtime girlfriend deserves what she gets by getting ugly and fat. Dear Disgusted: "Not Really Stepdad" laid out a classic predation pattern of grooming a child in his household, starting when she was 11 years old. But I'll admit to hating this man.(You can contact Amy Dickinson via email: [email protected] may send postal mail to Amy Dickinson, c/o Tribune Content Agency, 16650 Westgrove Drive, Suite 175, Addison, Texas, 75001.The Social Experiment I increased my height on Ok Cupid to 5'9", just below the American adult male average.I retained my profile description -- a combination of goofy humor and honest responses.


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