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Asian dating secrets headlines for a dating profile

I’ve traveled in South-East Asia (SEA) for over a year.Before I started this year long trip I did not have a distinct interest in Asian girls specifically, but as soon as I set foot on ground in SEA and discovered the femininity, sexiness and variety of Asian girls I got a bad case of yellow fever… I’ll share some of my personal sexy (NSFW) pics as well.In this post I will compare 8 different kinds of Asian girls from 8 countries.

That’s why many of their celebrities are often half Caucasian.

Maybe it’s the Vietnamese stubbornness but they wouldn’t budge away from the idea to get paid even though they were attracted and had no other prospects for that night.

The normal Vietnamese girls (non-pro’s) are a perfect mix between yet passionate in bed once they fall in love with you.

using game to seduce her so she’ll have sex with you out of attraction, rather than a monetary motive), but Vietnam is the hardest country to shore.

It is literally harder to shore a Vietnamese pro than to SNL a virgin in the Philippines.


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