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Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights are heavily suppressed in the emirates of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ras al-Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain, Ajman, Fujairah and Sharjah, which together form the United Arab Emirates.

All sexual relations outside a heterosexual marriage is a crime.

Marshals arrested a man they say paid ,000 to come from Dubai, United Arab Emirates to Florida to have sex with a 7-year-old.

The federal indictment only lists the charges and does not give details about the alleged crime, but during a bond hearing in federal court in Tampa, the prosecutor explained that Hall was using the internet and a cell phone to set up and meet a 7-year-old.

Under Sharia[,] the death penalty is the punishment for individuals who engage in consensual homosexual activity.

There were no prosecutions for homosexual activity during ... At times[,] the government subjected persons to psychological treatment and counseling for homosexual activity. The government deported cross-dressing foreign residents and referred citizens to public prosecutors.

The Government in the United Arab Emirates has restricted access to various websites and monitors chat rooms, instant messages and blogs.

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One nightclub called the Diamond Club sponsored a special night for the LGBT community, featuring a British cross-dressing DJ, only to be shut down by the Government.The new law allows doctors to perform sex reassignment surgery but only on intersex people.Both civil law and Sharia criminalize homosexual activity.The country's only internet service provider has a proxy server which blocks any website that goes against the country's moral values.Sites regarding dating or marriage, LGBT issues, the Baha'I faith, Israel or sites related to unblocking the censorship are all inaccessible.Eventually, no formal charges were brought against the teenager who returned to testify against his rapists.The story generated international media attention with government representatives defending the criminal laws against homosexuality, saying: "This is a conservative society.Hence a person could be charged with the Federal Penal Code, or under a local (emirate) penal code.Despite the Penal Code's mention of a death penalty, executions for same-sex sexual conduct have not been implemented in the country.Punishments range from jail time, fines, deportation to death.Adultery and fornication are also crimes, and a person convicted of homosexuality may also face charges of adultery if they have an opposite-sex spouse while having sexual relations with a person of the same sex.


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