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Apple discussions rss feeds not updating

Neither Microsoft nor Outlook can assist you if your access is suspended or banned by an RSS Feed publisher.

In most cases, you don’t need to change where RSS Feeds are saved.

When you subscribe to an RSS Feed, Outlook periodically checks for updated postings.

RSS Feeds that save items to a folder that is located within your Exchange mailbox are available from any computer that has Outlook and connects to your Exchange account.These are the highlights of this update:• A new design for the i Phone X• Support for Inoreader• The ability to open links with in-app Safari in Reader mode• The ability to open links in Firefox• Haptic feedback for swipe actions (on devices that support it)I also added a variety of smaller improvements:• Links from articles to apps in the App Store and to other i Tunes products will now open in an in-app store view, even if the link contains an affiliate code or a campaign code.The affiliate code or campaign code will be passed to the in-app store view.• When sharing an article via Messages, Unread will no longer incorporate other metadata as text.It’s possible to mark all articles as read, or all articles that are older then a day, week or month.Additionally it’s possible to mark all articles above or below a specific article as read by swiping right on an article to show more options.Finally I added some bug fixes:• I fixed a display issue with presented Safari View Controllers on an i Phone X in landscape mode.• I fixed bugs around maintaining article list scroll position and preventing image flickering when new articles are found or when the device is rotated.• I fixed bugs around reloading the Dashboard screen (the first screen after tapping to open an account from the home screen).• New users will no longer be asked for permission to set badge numbers before enabling badge numbers.• I fixed a layout bug around the tutorial shown when the app is first installed.• I reinstated shadows in view transitions.I had inadvertently removed those shadows in a prior update.• I fixed a bug that could cause the scroll indicator on the article list to become jittery.• I improved Unread’s heuristics around determining when an article is a linked list article.• I fixed a display issue with presented Safari View Controllers on an i Phone X in landscape mode.• I fixed an unread count inconsistency issue that could occur if an account was refreshed shortly after an article was marked read.• I fixed a bug that could cause the home screen font size and/or background colors to become incorrect under some circumstances.• I fixed a compatibility issue with Miniflux via its Fever API implementation.• View animations are now much smoother on the i Phone X when in landscape orientation.Fiery also supports sharing to other apps and websites using URL schemes that you can create yourself or install from the action directory and customisable email templates.- Modern App -Fiery Feeds now supports everything you'd expect from a modern i OS app: 3D Touch, Peek and Pop previews, Drag and Drop from the article list, Haptic Feedback, it restores it's state after a relaunch, and it even supports Continuity / Hand Off, which offers you to open the current article on another device.- Today Widget -Fiery Feeds includes a Today Widget that displays the newest articles across all services, including preview images.- Keyboard Shortcuts -Fiery Feeds fully supports external keyboards and keyboard shortcuts.Important: Some publishers strictly enforce these limits.If you check for updates more frequently than the specified limit, the RSS Feed publisher can temporarily or permanently block your access.


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