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Unfortunately for Aquarius/Aries compatibility, relationship stress of any kind can be a killer for this delicate balance.This is definitely a relationship which works best in an unconventional setting.They had some affiliation with native people in the Swift Current area in the early- to mid-1800s.If you look at Martha’s brother John Murphy’s daughters, they are very Mi’kmaq in appearance.However, neither Aries nor Aquarius feels they have much to learn on a personal level, and their individual arrogance might be what holds them back.Aries can be selfish and arrogant in a direct, personal way.

Meanwhile, Aries feels stifled by Aquarius’ lack of emotional displays, and rather cross at being outwitted intellectually.For Aries and Aquarius, compatibility comes only if both sides are willing to compromise rather a lot. Aries does admire the quirkiness and eccentricity of Aquarius, and Aquarius is impressed with how easily Aries gets things done.If – but it’s a big if – they learn to co-operate, they can be wonderfully creative together, with Aries bringing Aquarius’ big ideas to life.As many know, Elizabeth Joe was Mi’kmaq and has been speculated to be Thomas Joe’s daughter or some relation to him.It’s also believed Mary Park Brooks was Elizabeth (Joe) Blanchard’s sister and was Mi’kmaq. There could possibly be more, but that’s what has been confirmed over the years.They took her into their home and protected her from him.We recently conducted a mt DNA test, which is your direct maternal line (your mother’s mother’s mother etc.), on John Saunders’ wife Elizabeth. The test came back and she shares a direct maternal line with Elizabeth (Joe) Blanchard of the Bay of Islands [wife of William Blanchard].Straight off, you can see how this sits uneasily with the Aquarius partner, ruled as he or she is by Saturn, planet of restraint and logic, and Uranus, planet of vision.Aquarians are opposed to war, even of the internalised, relationship kind.Mankind could certainly benefit from such a partnership, but the two individuals might find it too contrary to bear.It’s like one of those food combinations which ought to be good for you, but tastes a little off!


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